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  1. jkevin

    hello from wisconsin

    i appreciate it. small town of baraboo here if i did not already say that
  2. jkevin


    i see that was hoping to get lucky
  3. jkevin


    well after a couple of responses and a little more reading i am in need of an inexpensive laser engraver for mylar stencils anyone point me in the direction on where to look or a good used one? p.s. not to far from wisconsin please
  4. jkevin

    making stencils

    not sure where to ,post this but here goes. i am looking At cutter machine mh 871 34 inch right now all i am going to do is stencils for my wife and she would like to sell them. any idea if this is the right machine or should i look at something different? thanks Kevin
  5. jkevin

    hello from wisconsin

    looking to learn how to make stenils hope to find alot of info here kevin