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  1. mod22

    converting a .ve file to eps

    THANKS for the replies and the offers of help but a friend got it done for me ,again thanks.
  2. how can i convert a .ve file to an eps file . Or if someone has the equipment to do so could you please help THANKS
  3. mod22

    66 mustang vector

    No I really need the coupe but thank you for trying to help.
  4. mod22

    66 mustang vector

    looking for a 66 mustang vector if anyone has one .
  5. where is the best place to buy 18x24 coro sign blanks,or finished signs 18x24 one color two sides with stakes . Thanks for any help.
  6. mod22

    can this be done in signblazer

    tried it in inkscape and got close but the G outline was messed up . Anyone have any advice on node editing in inkscape or vectorizing settings to get a better outcome.
  7. mod22


    THANKS!! May I ask how you did it ? node editing or someother way?
  8. Can this be done(vectorized) in signblazer or am I wasting my time. Iam not sure if the pic is good enough. I may be interested in paying someone if I cant get it
  9. mod22


    Can somebody show me how to smooth the arc on the word Laware in this file . Tried node editing but not getting it . Thanks for any help. LAWARE.SBD
  10. mod22

    hammer and saw crossed graphic

    Thank you for the link Ill try it .
  11. Does anyone have a hammer and handsaw crossed graphic. I have tried to make it but the lines from the saw go through the hammer and my node editing skills still need alot of work or is there another way .I tried weld punch through and that didnt work. I would post a file but im not at my home computer. Any help is great . THANKS
  12. mod22

    car graphics

    Thanks for the files ,if anyone else is looking for side graphics I found alot in a post by searching vehicle stripes.
  13. mod22

    car graphics

    Thanks for the files!! Anybody else have any car side designs or splashes?
  14. mod22

    car graphics

    Does anyone have some car graphics like in the pic. or any side graphic ideas are welcome , I need to fill some space on a racecar . Thanks for any help.