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  1. rgaskins

    Cannot find security key????????

    Yes I have works untill you restart the computer then same thing...I reformated the computer also just to make sure....I have had Flexi on the phone also, their tech guy hasn't had any luck either...Worked great for along time but now this...I'm getting Flexi 10 this week anyway so we will see what happens then...
  2. rgaskins

    Cannot find security key????????

    I'm having the exact same issue using 8.6V2 on windows seven...Been running great for a year or two with not a single problem...Now that the new Flexi is out everyone seems to be having this problem, makes me wonder just a bit...
  3. I'm in a bind and need this vecorized, for some reason I just can't get it to come out right...Thanks for any help!! Rick
  4. Here you go... flip flops.eps flip flops.eps
  5. Thats it Speedoggy.. I couldn't remember the name, but I'm almost SURE that the gigaware won't work...
  6. I'm almost sure that the Gigaware won't work, had one and couldnt ever get it to work...Seems like the is one certain brand that will work with the Refine and the Pcut models...
  7. rgaskins

    sublimation vs. cromablast

    I think the chromablast is for cotton items...
  8. rgaskins

    gotta love this sign

  9. rgaskins

    Windows 7 And Flexi 8.1

    Yep,I was using the 64-bit version...
  10. rgaskins

    Tiger Striping

    Thanks JoeDirt!
  11. rgaskins


    We got a big dumpster here, they dump it once a week..Our county makes you purchase their trash bags before you can toss out any garbage...The cost about $.50 per bag...With all the trash we have I said the heck with that...
  12. rgaskins

    Windows 7 And Flexi 8.1

    I know it didn't work right with Vista but it seemed to work great on the beta version of Windows 7...Just thought you guys would like to know since so many people had Flexi 8.1 and couldn't get it to run on Vista....
  13. rgaskins

    F150 Harley edtion flame stripe

    Guys I can't find it...I do kow where I got it from...I got it from another sign forum on the net...I went and tried to search there but I can't find it on there either...So I guess I'm not going to be any help on this one, sorry... :'(
  14. rgaskins

    New Mcdonalds Hamburger

    For some reason I don't think I want to try the anus pounder
  15. rgaskins

    Serious prayers needed

    My most deepest condolences to the family.