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  1. Bogie

    Cheap printers that work with Flexi?

    Odds are that the Mimaki is going to be beyond my budget - I'd like to get away under $3K... Don't need huge speed or six colors or 1440 dpi - I usually print 360 or 720dpi for bumper stickers on 30" material.
  2. What is the general "per square foot" cost to run these things? I thought the Rolands used some sort of thermal print stuff... And I'd be buying a used printer, and adding stuff to it - I'm not looking for one of the monster 3.2 meter machines - just a replacement for a 1 meter Mutoh...
  3. I don't mind messing with stuff a little, but I'm getting it back together after breaking up with the ex, and my budget right now isn't going to do a new "name brand" printer... I figure that US Cutter knows the Chinese suppliers better than most companies - have you thought of carrying a "budget" solvent printer and supplies? My primary use is bumper stickers. I'm getting ready to rebuild a Mutoh Falcon, again, and for what I'm going to spend, some of the new printers I see on alibaba are tempting.
  4. It appears that my Mutoh Falcon Jr is gonna get parted out for the boards, motors, etc... So... Anyone try one of the Chinese printers yet? Any of them of the equivalent decent high quality of the US Cutter products? I only need to run 30" material. But I'd really prefer to not buy additional software. Any suggestions?
  5. Nope... Sorry... I'm posting about a 721... I got it at roughly the same time that I got the Graphtec, with plans to use it for the "not quite as wide" stuff, and basically just ended up with it sitting on the shelf, all nice and covered, because I was a little space-limited... And now, I'm going to be doing a bit of a road show, and I really don't wanna deal with a 4' wide graphtec in the van or trailer.
  6. Can't believe I didn't see this suggested - did you try using a different printer cable? It could have been that it was picking up interference. I'm a firm believer in decent shielding.
  7. Okay... I've had this sucker for about three years, sitting under the very nice dust cover... Basically found that the Graphtec was more convenient, and, well, I never got the software installed... Well, it's time. I'm going to be hitting some flea markets/gun shows/whatnot for t-shirts, etc., and I'm going to stuff this in the trailer. And a 48" wide graphtec would probably be a bit of overkill. What is the best way to hook it up? The computer I've got my Flexi on (which will be going with me) has parallel, serial and USB available. It's running XP. Chance I could also use it with a Windoze 7 laptop, which would mean that I'd be buying the new version of Flexi Starter Whatever... May need to buy another roll-holder roller dealie for the stand - I can see one stacked in The Big Pile Of Stuff in the storage area, but not the other - it may be there, it may not - are they available?
  8. I'm still testing/playing with Signcut... Which means that I have to be within range of wireless internet... and the thing is eventually destined for the shop van - "Hey, we just did those trucks - would you also like your hours on your door?" Not saying that I'm not going to upgrade to the dongleless version, but what other programs will support the thing? I've got Photoprint 5.0DX - don't remember seeing Refine listed - is it "compatible" with a different plotter?
  9. guys oughta look into some samples of the laminators...
  10. I think the opioids are gonna be necessary for me to get outta bed in the morning.
  11. ...but total assembly time for my new cutter was less than... One beer. And when one takes into consideration that I spent the day wrestling with an Epson 9800 and a Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Junior, hey, it's a miracle I was that motivated... Love the general design - it's going to be very easy to adapt a stand for my van, so that mobile use will be possible, i.e., you just installed someone's sign, and "hey, would you like your hours on the door too?" 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88
  12. I un-bought the Roland... An hint for sales folks: NEVER, EVER "play poker" with your customers. Mine started basically acting like I needed to do a bunch of my own research. Okay. Fine. I did. Went to another place where the guy was answering questions I didn't know I had...
  13. Bogie

    Pantone colors

    Do you guys know anyone who can supply specific pantone colors?
  14. One can try doing a search on "vinyl" and "forum," but one uncovers a lot of audiophile stuff, and bit of bad craziness...
  15. Bogie

    Really stupid banner question

    So I'm not going to run into any problems feeding grommets through stuff? My previous large-format printing experience was with Encad and Epson inkjet printers... I don't think they would like the grommets, or the stitching, for that matter... I've also got a Mutoh falcon vinyl printer on the way this week...