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  1. jessefisher4

    In need of printed decals

    Thanks guys!
  2. jessefisher4

    In need of printed decals

    Hello all, I’m looking to have 40 decals printed white on clear. It’s for one of my clients and is too small to cut and weed on my cutter. If anyone is interested I can send them the artwork to quote the job. Much thanks in advance! Jesse
  3. jessefisher4

    Flexi 10 Production Manager - Need Help Please!

    I could be mistaken but I believe you have to add registration marks before the contour cut option will become available.
  4. jessefisher4

    New vinyl for my IROC

    Thanks Mercer. Snagged it!
  5. jessefisher4


    Been gone a while and been busy! The wife and I just had our baby girl in November so have been renovating and adjusting to the new little one. Anyhow I did get the paper for this project. Looks like even though they labeled it chromadark online when I got it it was regular 3g opaque paper. Still seemed to work fine with the chromablast inks though. Thanks to all again for the help!
  6. jessefisher4

    Weekend Project...3 color Drumhead

    Looks great! Did you design the artwork yourself?
  7. jessefisher4

    Working on my tracing skills

    Thanks Cajun!
  8. jessefisher4

    Working on my tracing skills

    This design was drawn by one of the members of our youth group at church. I will be putting this design on the front of tshirts. I am still learning and by no means a good as some others on here. But, constructive criticism is welcomed. Tips, tricks, advice. Just be gentle!
  9. jessefisher4

    what do you use to remove old vinyl?

    Heat gun and plastic razor blades here if it's on paint
  10. jessefisher4

    Order of Operation

    I agree with coaster on asking a more direct question to get help. Is there anything you know you are currently struggling with? I am also curious about those sales?!?! Dang!
  11. jessefisher4

    Font for my Honey-do list

    Thanks 101 I can make that work
  12. jessefisher4

    Font for my Honey-do list

    The wife found this on pinterest and made the shadow box. I can't seem to find the font. Thinking it may have started as something and been altered. Thanks in advance!
  13. jessefisher4


    Thank you Dakota! That's what I was looking for! I watched a youtube video from uscutter where they talked about chromablast on dark colored garments but never said what the paper was. I will give this stuff a try and report my findings for sure! Thanks OW for your help too. I wanted to try and use the inks I had since I am donating these shirts to the church. The artwork is something drawn by one of the youth. Just had too many colors to try and layer so much HTV.
  14. jessefisher4


    thanks OW I appreciate it! I have read on sublimation and chromablast and know they are different things but then I start to get confused lol I know people talk about using 3G opaque for darks. I just don't know if the chromablast inks will play nice with something like that.
  15. jessefisher4


    I also have the factory inks for the printer if that gives me any added benefit. Neither ink has been ran through the printer. Still brand new.