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  1. MrMopar64

    Static Clings

    How heavy of a static cling can I cut on a Graphtec 6000 I can only find 8mm Thanks in advance MM64
  2. MrMopar64

    Need this outlined....

    #2 you loose the roll bar so it looks more like a sedan... MM64
  3. MrMopar64

    Hard Drive recovery

    Sent pm
  4. MrMopar64

    volume coroplast yard signs

    Aprintco Los Angeles Ca
  5. MrMopar64

    PayPal account hacked!

    Paypal has whats called VIP Access which when you log in you need the number that the program produces to enter in the box before it will open your account. The number changes every minute MM64
  6. Lower the force a number or two MM64
  7. If jaybird don't workout let me know MM64
  8. MrMopar64

    Price...may be more than I can chew.

    If those are going on the inside of the glass they need to be cut the other way... just say'n MM64
  9. MrMopar64

    Job we did on mothers day

    Thanks! Guess I should have run the center aline by them This was what they sent to me. As far as more vinyl... lets just say the budjet was tight MM64
  10. MrMopar64

    Job we did on mothers day

    First job this week... MM64
  11. MrMopar64

    Card Readers Specifically PaypalHere

    While talking paypal here are some rules mostly about check captour and most people don't know No checks over $1000.... If your customer owes you more have them write 2 checks Daily limit for deposit is $1000 Weekly limit for deposit is $3000 If a check gets rejected by there system you can not re-deposit it If a check gets lost in ciber space in there system you have to wait 15days before you try to re-deposit Then if the system will not take the check you must get another check I have no bank account for my business and my bank would not cash a check with my co name on it That is where I learned all this Just a few things I learned the hard way MM64
  12. I don't know much about this. I've only conture cut printed stickers But what if you made a printed layout with reg marks and put it over your tape Then use it to set up your conture cut.... Might work MM64
  13. MrMopar64

    small cut or mark when at the stat of a job

    Yeah the plotter doesn't know the difference blade or pen my graphtec has a pen setting but when I watch it work it goes through the same thing as in the blade mode MM64
  14. MrMopar64

    small cut or mark when at the stat of a job

    The new graphtec does the same thing but somewhere in the set up it ask if you want it made inside or outside the job The plotter does it to set the blade to start the cut... Now I don't know for sure what software is asking for this info I just set it to outside and have had no problems MM64
  15. MrMopar64

    Bent media rollers

    Solid stock will bend eaiser then tubing... heavier wall tubing would be better or another small tube that just fits inside that one MM64