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  1. flexi 10 issues

    yeah i have ver 11, and it gives me all kinds of crap, lol. Glad to see they're fixing the issues. Hopefully we'll upgrade next year.
  2. flexi 10 issues

    I use flexi quite extensively, they have serious issues with effects. Transparencies and shadows tend to be wrong almost every time. your best bet is to import as a TIFF file and then import your contour line separately. For whatever reason Flexi just can't understand gradient/transparencies/shadows. As for you cuttable object, is it a vector line?
  3. Strange vinyl issue

    I have to agree with Wildgoose, we use Oracal 751 on vehicle all the time, and our temperatures range from 90-100 in the summer to -20 in the winter. and the vinyl never does this even after years. Even if there is an existing split in the vinyl like an accidental cut it just pulls a little showing the surface underneath. Just replace it and keep him happy.
  4. What type of printer do I need?

    Ok, I've been curious about a latex printer. What kind of longevity do you see with the ink compared to Eco-Sol? Does it stand up better/worse outside? What benefits are you seeing over an eco-sol printer?
  5. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    it depends on how bad the ghosting is whether or not you'll see it. You can cover with white like you suggested, however that will dull the light just slightly since the light is passing thru another layer. Also even though you're covering the old image with white, you'll see it most at night time when the sign is lit. Best is usually to take the panel down hold it up to the sunlight and let the customer decide whether or not they can live with it.
  6. Printed rack cards

    For anyone who's interested here's our 2017 price list for our most popular paper printed products. Business cards prices include design! Paper Products.pdf
  7. Printed rack cards

    we do rack cards, business cards, brochures, etc. how many are you looking for? here are our basic prices: 14pt double sided, full color, 4"x9" Rack Cards 500 - $90.00 +tax 1000 - $100.00 +tax 2500 - $170.00 +tax 5000 - $240.00 +tax prices incl shipping to your door. Design Fee $25-$75 unless you provide art.
  8. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    Yea we reuse old litback panels all the time. if it's a printed graphic it should be pretty easy to remove and the substrate should be in good shape since it's completely covered. Acrylic or Polycarbonite last a really long time.
  9. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    Acrylic is more brittle in the cold right? I only ask because everything up here is polycarb but I know acrylic is more common in other parts of the country. and you're definitely right about Polycarbonite yellowing, we actually cover our panels with white to prevent it.
  10. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    as far as I know you need to purchase it from a supplier, but honestly your in SoCal, so there has to be a sign shop close to you that would sell you raw materials.
  11. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    Remove the retainer on one side of the sign and just slide the panel out. What size is this? 24" x96"?
  12. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    it's possible it's acrylic. usually the material is polycarbonite though. The polycarbonite slides into a retainer that is part of a metal sign cabinet. Polycarbonite is extremely flexible so when they ship it, it usually comes in a roll.
  13. !!!!!!Back lit sign help!!!!!!!!

    The white plastic is called Polycarbonite. usually 3/16" thickness. it comes in rolls so you'll have to cut it down to the size you need. Use a fine tooth blade in a skill saw. Denco sales is where we get ours, but most sign substrate distributors sell it. It's relatively inexpensive. They sell it in 50"and 100" heights and then whatever length you need. If the sign you are replacing is over 36" tall, you need to check the cabinet to make sure it allows for a hangar bar. This prevents the polycarbonite from flexing too much due to the weight and height of itself. As for the vinyl, yes use translucent vinyls. if you are using cut vinyls I recommend 3M or oracal as you already said. yes the color will change at night, best thing for you to do is get a color chart and then put the samples over light and you'll see what happens. If you are going to print it, there are several methods but to do it correctly you need to print a layer of clear vinyl first, then a layer of white translucent. This is so the color doesn't wash out when it's lit up.
  14. water repellent?

    We tried to do some Carhartt Jackets a little while ago and we were told it couldn't be done because of the water repellent coating. We came to the conclusion that you can only embroider them. But I am really curious to see if anyone else has had any luck?
  15. vinyl removal

    yea we get customers all the time who bring in a banner and ask "how to much to re-purpose this?" I've come to hate the expression re-purpose, it ends up being way to much time and money. Anymore we just tell them we won't strip their old banner, if they want to bring in a CLEAN banner to use that's fine but other than that, just no.