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  1. JessXEmoji

    Cutter Tracking Help

    Just got done and it came out perfect. I also slowed my cutter down slow as possible. Might have to pay $300 for it. I see flexistarter is also $300.
  2. JessXEmoji

    Cutter Tracking Help

    I might looks into a better cutter. I downloaded the free trial of sign cut pro. Currently cutting a test job using step by step cutting every 7 inches. I already like it better than SCAL as cutting options go. We'll see how it goes.
  3. JessXEmoji

    Cutter Tracking Help

    Tried sign blazer but it wont display my ai. files when i import them. Then it crashed when was tinkering with it. Do the more expensive cutters have a better way of holding the vinyl down? Or do they all use tension rollers? I wouldnt think about a better cutter if i knew it would solve this issue.
  4. JessXEmoji

    Cutter Tracking Help

    I've been practicing cutting large vinyl designs thats 20" W and 120" Long. However my SC Cutter will not keep the vinyl straight. After a few passes from front to rear the vinyl moves over about and inch. I've tried adjusting the rollers etc...And it'll stay straight for one pass but SCAL likes to cut from front to rear and those extra passes aren't helping me out. Is there any tricks I can do for such large designs on the cutter? And is there a cutting software that cuts just from front to rear and not back and forth? thanks.
  5. On my sc cutter you have to make sure the ends of the vinyl stays away from the machine or they will catch and cause it to bunch up.
  6. JessXEmoji

    Made my first Company T shirt

    I know. I only like seeing thin shirts on women. Is the haynes 5250 a shirt you just pick up or did you get them in bulk somewhere?
  7. JessXEmoji

    Made my first Company T shirt

    No surprise I just want to see the final result that customers will see. What kind of shirt is it?
  8. JessXEmoji

    Made my first Company T shirt

    Looks good. Would you throw the shirt in the washer and dryer then take a pic of the orange part?
  9. JessXEmoji

    Press came....Time to play

    Lol when i first did a red shirt it did that and i thought i done burnt it. It went back to nornal after a minute or so.
  10. Your backwards. My dryer shinks them. Heat press does not.
  11. Also lablover. Pre shrunk shirts do shrink. Ive tested and confirmed it. Not sure why they call them pre shrunk unless its a sales trick.
  12. Lablover I dont wash the shirts. Ive just dry them on high for 8-12 minutes shrinks my shirts the same amount as washing and drying them 3 times. So i see no reason to fully wash and dry. Test some yourself and youll see the shrinkage compared to a new one. Plus by not washing them they still lay pretty straight like they came. Now when customers wash them it will shrink little to none and the vinyl should look good. Im going to test this tonight.
  13. No ive taken no other pics of the wrinkles. The first pic i posted was from a customer. i sent them a new shirt.
  14. yeah i been doing that from day one. I actually tested that also. I pressed for 10 seconds and compared the size to a un pressed shirt and nothing changed in terms of size. But drying them is shrinking them a 1/2 inch or so which may solve the problem. like i said lettered tees are ok but tees where the vinyl graphics is bigger than 4x4" you can tell some shrinkage is going on. My wife said they look fine to her and that im being too
  15. lol thats what i meant to type. im tired. always. Just threw another batch in the dryer for 15 mins on high heat and it shrunk them also. Looks like this is the way i'm going to go from now on. soon as I get some in they are going in the dryer. rather shrink them myself before pressing than have anymore issues.