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  1. FYI if anyone is running a Mac and SCAL pro. I have a very fast Imac Pro and SCAL V5.009 pro was running very slow when typing text or moving objects around the screen. The fix is to right click on the SCAL 5 app icon and select more info. Then check the "open in low resolution" radio box (under General). This only effects on screen drawing or refresh. Does not effect output. Now running like V4 and 3 did (very fast and responsive)
  2. looking for something other than Roland's CutStudio to print/contour cut using the built in laser. Is there anything else out there? currently use a mac and jump into windows to contour cut but the software (CS) sucks big time. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks skeeter, don't have to use a mac just looking for better software to take advantage of the contour cutting feature. Will give them a look
  4. rudedog


    What ever you do outside of printing and applying your own logo to his racecar/fleet/.... Do not print any other logos without written permission that they has the authority to reproduce. There have been a number of other businesses here in the forums being sued for reproducing logos that the racecar drive did not have permission to do so. good luck
  5. rudedog

    SCAL 5 released

    What's New in Version 5 Available as a 64 bit program Have multiple projects open New effects added, including Bridge Warp, Drop Shadow, QR Code & Symmetrical Mirror [screenshot] Nesting [screenshot] Add mat tempates [screenshot] Add Guidelines Import additional file formats, including PES,PEC,HUS,JEF,SEW,VIP & more Additional text justification and sizing options Convert stroke to path New trace image options for background removal and mask editing Options to control the cut order Assign cut presets to layers and more! More info: Youtube video with top 10 new features. Deadline for upgraded discount is July 15th
  6. rudedog

    SCAL 5 released

    I'm running off an iMac Pro and had to reload drivers for 5. I also deactivated 4 and activated 5
  7. rudedog

    SCAL PRO 4.072 is out

    Agree and it use to work. Not sure what happened.
  8. rudedog

    SCAL PRO 4.072 is out

    Not sure when this was released but did not see it listed in the forums. Also my check for updates (OSX) did not work... After checking the forums here and noticing 4.069 being posted. I ran over to Craftedge and tried to grab that version only to find out a newer version has been released. I'm running OSX 10.13.5 Link: Release notes for 4.072 Fixed a problem cutting with USCutter SC2 Fixed a problem cutting with Silhouette Portrait 2 Fixed scrollbars in Font Preview Fixed a problem importing certain SVG, DXF, PDF files Fixed a problem exporting FCM files Fixed a problem converting nodes to smooth Fixed a problem saving projects with eshape store designs
  9. For the love go god, please do not upgrade the forums to any vB products... Stay on IP or go with Xf
  10. rudedog

    usb / serial problems

    You're going to need the USB drivers for the cutter. What software came with it? I would start here
  11. rudedog

    Hello from Central Florida

    Welcome from Central Florida as well (Oviedo). good luck with the new cutter
  12. rudedog

    Baby Steps....

    Looking good.
  13. rudedog

    Just Curious

    Thanks for the heads up John, Please what ever you do, do not even think about using vBulletin as your forum software. Stick with IPB or better go with XenForo.
  14. rudedog

    Just Curious

    I was also wondering. I would hope they know how to run a SQL dump without having to take the site down.
  15. Do they make a pen holder for the copam 2500? Thanks in advance.
  16. rudedog

    Easy website creation...

    square space is the quickest and cheapest around. You can even start a free trail without a CC
  17. rudedog

    can't even take my own advise

    You have 30 days and you can roll back Windows 10 to your previous version
  18. rudedog

    Titan Models - What are your thoughts ?

    I had ordered a Titan 3 however it showed up as DOA and UScutter was kind enought to let me exchange it for a Roland GX24 (which had just gone on sale a day after I purchased my Titan. Plus the difference of course)
  19. rudedog

    Arching Logo for Curved Glass

    I think your saying is when you apply your logo to the curved serface, it destorts. Just like applying a line of text to a windsheild? That line of straight text is now curved. What I do is apply a sheet of paper to the windsheild and then snap a straight line, remove paper and you now have your arc that when followed will be straight. Same thing just on a smaller surface and or tighter arc. good luck
  20. Looking to get some opionions on what font to use for web addresses (URLs)? I have a customer looking for a 1" high by 29 letters (including the www and com). My only concern is weeding the white vynil. I hate weeding white...
  21. rudedog

    Best font for web addresses

    Will give that a try bamafan, thanks
  22. rudedog

    Best font for web addresses

    It's 651 just can't see my cut lines to weed. (when I have small detail)
  23. rudedog

    Best font for web addresses

    Thanks everyone, While I agree and that's how I layout my own URLs and recommend it to others. It drives the tech side of me crazy and would never do that for a "Tech" customer. This is a car performance shop so mixed case works. I'll give them a few choices, starting with Serif. -Jim
  24. rudedog


    Another thing, Let him provide you with the actual file of his logo (and not from google- LOL), that along with the release should cover you. I know when my company (large WW corp) has anything printed, we always provide the artwork and 3D guidlines, to the printer as well as a release if needed. One more thing, If he is willing to sign a release try and get it for say 12 months so when he wants to do more items, you are covered for said period without having to keep signing releases