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    Turning 40 in March. I stay pretty busy with 6 kids ranging from 15 years old to 21 months old. My day job is in the automotive industry. I'm the director of quality for a chrome plating company. We make interior and exterior trim parts for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, VW, etc. This in itself takes a lot of my time, and 4 of the kids play baseball year round. So if i'm not at work i'm usually at a ball park somewhere, I also do a lot of contract work on Coordiante Meausuring Machines, so the screen printing and vinyl cutting doesn't get a lot of attention, but in 2014 i'm going to devote a lot of time to it, and see how it goes
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    Same here
  3. I'm just starting (again), just purchased my screen printing equipment about 20 minutes ago, looking at cutters now, don't have a single account, but have a pretty good plan (at least i think so). Luckily i'm blessed with a very supportive wife, and she's on board 100%. By the time the weeks over, i'll probably be about $5000 in the hole. Gonna be fun, looking forward to laying ink, and cutting vinyl again. Just hope my full time job doesn't interfere this time.