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  1. I need someone like you for all my other subscriptions I have.
  2. It started life as a big blue ebay special. Now it's an ebay special on steroids. Basicly like a SH-350.
  3. Just let me know. I'd be happy to help.
  4. You're awesome @skarekrow Your vector work came out amazing. Thanks again. https://ledlightbases.com/
  5. Largest Light base I make. 12"x12" Turned out awesome. Pictures don't do it justice. It's a nice even color throughout the whole sign.
  6. I know make my own base and it's available at https://ledlightbases.com/
  7. I scheduled my first ever USPS pickup tonight. In the past it's always been small enough to put in the mailbox or I had time to drop it off at the post office. But tonight was a good night and I've got several packages going out for customer's father's day presents. It's a nice feeling having that much going out at once. I could get use to this. My wallet likes it also.
  8. Select the box and hit "Break apart". This will give you a solid box with a star inside it that's the same color as the box.. You won't be able to see the star because it's the same color at the box. You'll have to go into outline view or change the color of the box to see the star that you made. Then just delete the star it created. You'll be left with a solid box and the original star.
  9. That is beautiful rlvied.
  10. It's in future plans. Currently I'm just working on an etsy story. I figured that would get more exposure. I haven't figured out a domain name or anything for a website yet.
  11. I'm willing to paypal someone who can help me. I need this sheriff star vectored into a black and white image. I'm going to be laser engraving and used on an edge lit sign. The center of the star can be simplified also. I don't need alot of details. Any takers?
  12. It's taken alot of time and I finally have a system now. I've created and opened my 1st ever website store. https://ledlightbases.com/ Still a work in progress but check it out. I'm super excited.
  13. How did you keep the mirror from frosting when you sandblasted it?
  14. RIP Bill..... I never did get the chance to met him in person and check out his car.
  15. My personal favorite is vectorstock.com $1 per design. They have always been good quality. I just pay as I need them.