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  1. Okay about to do first shirt any advice

    But seriously!!!!!
  2. Jiffyshirts question

    It might also be so they are tailor there mailing list so they only send you emails you're interested in.
  3. I need tonight and graphic artist is sick

    Well.......... He only has 2 posts. The 1st one was back in Sept. where he gave a brief intro and said how much he "love to help people out". 2nd post is 5 months later where he wants something in the middle of the night with a 4 hour turn around time. I'm not surprised if he doesn't come back.
  4. Store Front Pricing question

    First thought is completely forget about offering 651. You want to do a professional job offer the correct vinyl. At minimum use 751 For me I'd be around $200-250 for material and about 2 hours of time@$60/hour. So my range is $320-370 for the job. You didn't mention removal of any old graphics so that is not included in the price. This is assuming there isn't much travel involved.
  5. Go-C Graphics

    He is a very happy baby.
  6. Go-C Graphics

    Thanks...... Complete custom job......... Made to last a lifetime.
  7. Go-C Graphics

    I completely forgot to show my best work yet................ Mr. Jacob.
  8. Using Heat Gun in Cold Weather

    I would have went up and suggested they throw a pot of boiling water on it. That would loosen up the vinyl really quickly.
  9. Vinyl catches on edge

    Simple answer would be to use clear packing tape. That's what I did.
  10. Some people just keep on...

    I'm proud of you.............. Those sound like great terms and you're sticking to them. This way you won't get screwed in the end.
  11. Tapered glasses and stuff

    WOW!!!!!! Ya'll are going DEEP................... I just add about 12% to the width when I'm dealing with a shape and I've never had a customer complain.
  12. Some people just keep on...

    My free advice.... Time to put your big girl panty's on. By the sounds of it nothing has been written and signed yet. It's time you take control of the transaction and figure out what terms you want. Write them all down so you don't forget any. - At this point I would allow 1 more proof change and tell her she will be charged $60 for any additional proof to cover design time. - Have it specifically spelled out you are not responsible for the shirts and the graphic on the front since she's supplying it. - You are already cutting her in unbelievable deal for doing individual shirts. Do you realize how much of a pain it is when all the shirts are different sizes. If you mess up and put John's name on a large shirt when it's suppose to be on a small shirt you've now coming up 2 shirts short for 1 messup. There's a shit load of time involved with this part because you're worried about messing up. In the end stick to your terms and if she's walks let her go.
  13. There is no magic button, even in VM Pro. Garage in = garage out. It's up to you to clean up the trace to your satisfaction. Pretty much everything experienced person here will tell you that you'll have to clean up any trace alittle bit. Since your logo picture isn't very clean it'll require alittle more work. There are people and companies that'll do it for you for a reasonable price. Probably around $20-40. It depends on the logo. I've done it a few times and I've always passed the cost onto the my customer for not having a logo in vector format. Most of the time I'll give them the vector file also and explain to them how and when they'll need to use it.
  14. Work table What do you guys think

    That was painful to watch. For a second there I thought it was a prank video. It seemed like it was a never ending loop of him just trying to align the damn thing.