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  1. daugheg

    does any body have this

    thanks for the help and replays
  2. daugheg

    does any body have this

    Hi all, hope some body has this one I cant find it anywhere. Thank for any help
  3. daugheg

    any body know

    thank you so much .
  4. daugheg

    any body know

    hi all really hope some one will know this font . thanks for any help
  5. daugheg

    need help with font

    here is a better pic
  6. daugheg

    need help with font

    sorry forthe crapy pic trying to get a better pc
  7. daugheg

    need help with font

    Any body know the font for the mpi in photo
  8. daugheg

    some stuff ive done

    realy digging the bio logo
  9. daugheg

    Little Project

    I have found this site very usefull http://www.thesignexpert.com/TheSignExpert.com/Sign_Business_Free_RTA_Vinyl_Price_Calculator.html
  10. daugheg

    Instructional Video

    I watched it 3 times and still did not see window film in it
  11. daugheg

    Distressing a image

    look into gimp it is free
  12. daugheg

    Sad day for Mad Hatter

    hate to hear it. thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  13. daugheg

    Which version?

    win7 pro 64 and 0.48 no problems
  14. daugheg

    happy easter all

    weather you believe or not hope each member has a happy easter Glen