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  1. Hey guys my cutter has just developed a fault all of a sudden. I have been cutting out vinyl this morning all fine then all of a sudden its started misaligning the weed frame. I am currently cutting sheets of sunstrips with a weed frame around the entire sheet. The weed frame is mis-aligning all of a sudden by about 3-5mm and is cutting off the bottom of one of the sunstrips each time (only by a couple of mm) All the design is cut out fine with nothing out of line its just the final weed frame, i've also noticed that weed lines i have put across the design to help with picking out are finishing a couple of mm before the end (once again no issue with this with the actual design its all the weeding lines) I'm not sure if it all comes down to the final external weed box been out of line causing the other lines not to join up. I haven't tried anything yet as i aren't too technically minded so don't want to start changing settings etc. I cut out using Signcut pro Any help would be appreciated Thanks Kimmy
  2. I have played around with the offset but none seem to be making any difference. ive attached a photo of what its doing, sorry if its not very clear i can email it to anybody that may be able to help. its making a mess of the corners, i cant understand what has changed i havent touched the cutter at all. only thing i have done is renewed my signcut pro subscription (which i had nothing but problems with in the first place) any help would be of great help!
  3. i set it to 0.45 as thats what my blade is. should i reduce it to 0.25?
  4. did the blade test on some scrap vinyl, i had it stuck out way too far, it now cuts ok, maybe a little scruffy round corners of detailed small stickers. are my settings wrong on the screen?
  5. could you talk me through how to fix it, thats kind of gone straight over my head. i dont know what any of those settings mean really its just what the support guy from sign cut set them at for me and they have always worked. ps how to change the pressure on the machine id love to know!
  6. I have a pcut cs630 with optical eye, i have had it for just over a year so im not new to it or anything. over the last couple of days it will cut the sticker out then when it comes to do the box round the outside crumple up my vinyl and thats that. I tried changing the blade and now all of a sudden its cutting way too deep, straight through the backing paper, even though i have just swapped the blade for exactly the same degrees (45) and not altered the depth when i put the new blade back in. I am running sign cut pro so i cant alter the pressure of the blade on there as far as im aware. I have attached a photo of my current settings, these havent changed since i first set it up. Please help!