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  1. Can that do what im seeing: job starts out good and ends bad?
  2. For both of them? one of them works fine, where the other dont. I also tryed with even less blade, where if i pulled the blade a little back, then the test-cut would be incomplete.
  3. Seems like completely flat. Its always on the left side(end of the job). But it works with the 45degree blade. Look in my comment below: I wrote with "Clean Cut blade" and they say force should be around 10 or 11 with there blades. (there website: Use 30-50% less downforce). Basicly all of my testing have been with 60degree cc blade. I tryed with a 45degree original graphtec blade, which didnt have problem with the end(left side) of the job. It still have issues with the testcut tho - it makes the blade-direction-change(looks like a "J" cut), then it cuts a good testcut, then the next testcut is bad. As if it doesnt remember the angle of last cut? 45degree original blade settings: Force: 12 Speed: 6 60degree Clean cut blade settings: Force: 10 Speed: 6 Image with both blade tips sticking out of the bladeholder:
  4. Did some 120cm wide testcut and the blade is making way more visible in the beginning of the cut(right) and when you get to the end(left) its making less of a mark in the backing. Force 6 - if i use 5, it will have issues to weed. Hard to get a decent image. This was the best i could get. Light has to hit right, to see the cut in the backing: @knucklehead thanks for the info.
  5. Sorry, im using "Graphtec Cutting master 2"
  6. Software: Illustrator No i havent. Thanks for trying
  7. Thanks a lot for helping. With no luck i have tryed: "Optimize cutting order: Restrict Media Movement" with 2 more in force. Vinyl: Oracal 631 Cutting strip: worn, no gouges. TEST cutting: Its just as weird as what i wrote in #1. I did the Force test and none of them worked - the left button corner wouldnt let go. I did the Offset test where they all would let go of the left button corner...
  8. I slowed my "truck" to 6 (speedometer has up to 60) and it does the exact same thing. Its in the end of the job. Some of the letters in the end is really big: 8cm x 10cm (3.5" x 4"). What might be the issue, since its not the speed?
  9. Mz SKEETERThanks for the reply. If the machine cant handle 25, then i dont see any reason why it has it. its big letters! and it works perfectly at the first ~75% of the job. So if you have a respond to why it might be doing it, let me know :-)
  10. Hi I have a Graphtec CE6000-120 with a 60degree cleancut blade, with the following issues: It makes perfect testcuts and if i do a 70cm x 100cm job and starts weeding it, the beginning(or end, not sure which it is) its not problem to weed, but when i get maybe 75% into the weeding, it starts being hard to weed - its not the start/end(hangnails), but more like if its not cutting deep enough(not sure!). If i weed it slow, i can see that the vinyl just dont want to let go. I have to push it down, for it to do the last part of the job. Speed 25, same big lettersize in the whole job. What might be wrong? Works fine if i do eg. 10cm x 10cm Weird thing about the testcut: 1. When i go into "cond/test" to make a testcut. It has issues in the left buttom corner = bad testcut. 2. But if i go into "force" and saves it right away(makes no changes!), it moves the head a little and then i make another testcut, then its perfect(every single time). If i then make another testcut, it will do 1. again.. What might be wrong?
  11. marduk

    Oratape HT55

    pshawnyThe problem is that i cant find HT55 in europe. So im trying to find the next best thing. Difficult situation
  12. marduk

    Oratape HT55

    Thanks for the replys! Is it good or bad, that i get the air in there? and why?
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    Oratape HT55

    Hi EDIT: updated applicationtape name below Im using the Oratape LT95 for my Oracal 631 vinyl, to create wallstickers. When i apply/mask the vinyl, it creates air bubbles quickly. If i let it stay on the table over night, it will look pretty bad: Suggestions? I was told this was the best applicationtape for this vinyl. Maybe its not? Maybe im not applying it good enough?
  14. Hi Im trying to find a good alternative to "big squeegee" 50"/127cm, which should have the same price class. I havent been able to find any? european distributers isnt replying or is out of stock and wont be getting any more of them.
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    Good fonts with low anchors

    Okay thanks for your help guys :-)