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  1. Thanks so much for all your input that has helped a lot. I have been reading and re reading all your comments to soak in all of the information! I had been looking at signwarehouse bc that was the first recommendation I received as to where to even start but am now looking at uscutter per your recommendations. Is the FlexiStarter v10 (or the FlexiStarter v8.5 for a Mac) for $395 the software comprable to Ve Lxi Master Plus? Or do you recommend a different one? Of course I am on a budget since I will be starting a business from the ground but I would rather take your suggestions and put the right investment in it from the beginning and have the right tools to hit the ground running. So it is pretty set that I will get the Graphtec CE6000 - 24" and I would like to get the best software out there.
  2. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my questions! I am wanting to start a small business of home decor wall decals, any type of adding vinyl to wood blocks or glass crafting, and making quotes for mirrors... that general direction. So with that being said here are a few of my questions.. 1- Would you recommend the Graphtec CE6000 24" or the Vinyl Express Qe6000? 2- Would those machines be proper for the goal direction of my small business as listed above? 3- I have both a Mac and PC computer but would rather work on my Mac. Is there good software for Macs that work with either machine? Or is the best software for PC computers and what is it? 4- Finally, is there a better place online than others to buy the machines? And how often are there deals or should I pull the trigger and just buy one this week? Thanks again for your help I so much appreciate any feedback!