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  1. 68Blkbrd

    Oracal 651 on inside of window

    I did a 2-color layered dry install today inside an auto repair facility today. The outside temp was 40 but the inside window temp was 55 degrees. The customer does not really like the look of the adhesive showing or micro air bubbles (not sure which). Of course the inside looks fine but it is only can be read from the outside. I squeegeed it down really well too. How can I fix this problem to make the vinyl look better? Will these tiny air bubbles outgas with time? Will it get better when the temperature outside gets warmer and the windows heat up more? Would a heat gun to help any? I don't know what to tell him if it stays like this. I know an outside install would have been much better but he could not according to local regulations there. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. 68Blkbrd

    First job

    Jesse989 - the logo on the right door with dog, cat and phone number is layered 3 colors.
  3. 68Blkbrd

    First job

    clhyer - 68Blkbrd came from the car I owned it was a black 1968 Firebird 400 spd. Loved the car but had to sell due to losing my job and son going to private school at 13k a year.
  4. 68Blkbrd

    First job

    My first job. I did these 3 doors the other day. Gold, black and white. What would you have charged?
  5. So this job is requiring 7 large letters that are two colors. If I have a letter that is 24" tall and 28" wide going by formula height + width divided by 2 = $26 for first color, then how much is the second color? Am I even doing this correctly? I need to get a quote out soon and am not sure if I'm using this formula right. Thanks!
  6. 68Blkbrd

    RTape ApliTape 4075

    I just bought a 50 yd roll of 24" Rtape. I'm struggling trying to pull out this tape with both hands. I use APPRoller Tape Application Roller and even yanked one of the bars out from the end! There is no problem with my 15" roll. Seem like the 24" roll is really sticking to itself pretty damn hard. Is this normal or do I have an old/new stubborn roll here? I'm forced to use the 15" roll in strips because the 24" roll is so stubborn. Any suggestions?
  7. 68Blkbrd

    Cutting Master 3

    I use Graphtec CE6000-60 and Illustrator CS6 with Cutting Master 3 software. I am noticing on my rounded counters (insides of my letters) the cuts don't seem to meet up. (Examples "O" and "e") Maybe 1/64th off (not short but offset) but giving me a weeding issue. Is there a setting to adjust so these cuts will join up? It only happens on the round counters not the angled ones. Thanks!
  8. Here is my first layered vinyl attempt. The door is on magnetic sheet (white magnet background cut by hand). The hatch is vinyl directly on vehicle. What better a better place to practice than my own vehicle!
  9. 68Blkbrd

    Cut Master 3 Question

    If you view in keyline mode although you converted to paths you will still see that the text does not have the warp effect you desire. You have to expand appearance under the object drop down menu. It will then cut with the warp effect you desire.
  10. 68Blkbrd

    Cut Master 3 Question

    When you view in keyline mode although you converted to paths you will still see that the text does not have the warp effect you desire. You have to expand appearance under the object drop down menu. It will then cut with the warp effect you desire.
  11. 68Blkbrd

    Graphtec Cutting Master 3 and Illustrator

    edge, I placed the stars manually so I can use them to align my colors on the substrate or layer them on the release paper. It serves no purpose in Cutting Master 3.
  12. I'm new to vinyl cutting but not to Illustrator. I have a new Graphtec CE6000-60 with Graphtec's Cutting Master 3 software. Do I have to alter the way I design in Illustrator so I can get the file to cut properly? (expand and merge all strokes and merge all fills in Pathfinder) Do I have to have each color on its own layer? This would really slow me down after I'm done designing. Does Cutting Master 3 optimize my file for cutting? I designed with spot colors but have various layered strokes and fills to get the look I desire. I've attached the file for review. UPDATE 9-19-13...I've optimized my file for what I think will work for cutting. I used the stars for registration marks in all colors and a light blue to represent my white. I must say this way will affect the way I design for sure. Wildgoose is correct it will take me some getting used to as a graphic designer. I wish there was a better way to handle strokes but necessity forces invention. Wildgoose, could you check my optimized file when you have some free time. I'd really appreciate it as I am anxious to start cutting. Thanks! PM-Designz-2.pdf PM-Designz-Optimized.pdf
  13. 68Blkbrd

    Cutting warped text

    My past experience as a seasoned graphic designer is to convert to paths if you haven't already and "Expand Appearance" under the Object drop down menu. This will convert the warped type to vector lines as it was on screen with the warped effect.
  14. 68Blkbrd

    Hello from Cleveland, Ohio

    Hello all! Recently unemployed veteran graphic artist from Cleveland looking to start up a vinyl sign business.. Bought the Graphtec CE6000-60 and learning so I can start earning. Haven't cut anything yet but eager to meet people and learn new things. Looking forward to be a student here and someday a contributor.