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  1. I'm just starting with my new plotter, and I have a couple of questions. 1. Can the displays on the MH-871 show units in inches? if so, how can it be done. 2. Looking at the plotter in front of you, is it possible to move the first rollers more to the center or are they stuck in that position? Thanks for your help, John
  2. Hi I just received my new plotter today, and after almost 3 hours I got it to cut. But the cuts are not correct, the letters are not finish correctly and while cutting I can see the moving arm tilting to the front and back. Is this normal? thanks John
  3. jmgraphicspr

    Problem with mh871-34"

    Dont worry problem solved. I manage to place it back. Thanks for the help John
  4. jmgraphicspr

    Problem with mh871-34"

    Is there any post on the procedure? Thanks John
  5. jmgraphicspr

    Clean cut blades

    Could you provide a URL for the blades? Thanks John
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    Supply Ideas for UScutter.......list your needs!

    Add the following to the list: 1- Automatic quote on shipping to Puerto Rico. John
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    Help with Two Color Cut

    Did it work on a PC? John
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    Hello from Puerto Rico

    Hello Just wanted to introduced my self to the forum. I have been in the sign business for well over 8 years now on the east coast of Puerto Rico. I have worked with Roland and GCC Cutters, and starting next week we will be receiving a brand new USCutter MH 33". Looking forward to share with all of you ideas and experience. Merry Christmas ! John
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    Help with Two Color Cut

    At our shop we discover a workaround for this situation. We use machistosh, but it may work on a pc. Open the .ai file using some type of PDF Viewer ( I use Preview ) then try exporting it as PDF. Then import it to Inkscape. Hope it works for you John
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    newbie from NH

    Hi William You should consider maybe going the extra mile and jump into a 24" cutter. That way you can not only start making stickers with the owners initials but also customize signs for your store. John