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  1. @rluther68 I have the same problem. NOVRAM INIT. i finished my day with no problems... and when i return, turned on and that message appears in the display. if anyone could help, would appreciate
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    I have this same problem, but it was because CorelDraw wasn't shut properly. Try this: Close both Corel and Cutting Master, then go to the task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Del) and look in the Processes Tab and see if Corel isn't still running, if so, End Process of Corel. Then re-open Corel and Cutting Master and try again. This works for me.
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    Hello to everyone

    My name is Sergio Rivera, i'm from México, been working with vinyl plotters for about 10 years, and i came here basically to find an answer on a problem i have on my Graphtec CE-5000 60, but also to see new trendings in the bussiness or general info. Thanks.
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    Can someone trace this for me?

    traced. ahb.eps