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  1. jhumbeutel

    Blew the dust off my Laser

    Great Job!
  2. I'm looking to get a laptop for my graftec and trying out some more professional software besides my outdated paintshop pro and inkscape. Any opinions about which laptops are best suited for graphic design? What do you all think about illustrator, corel or flexi sign? Just wondering what might be best for me. Thanks for your time
  3. jhumbeutel

    Love the new Iphone rubber cases

    I'd like to see some of your covers volt if you have some pics.
  4. jhumbeutel

    Coffee Shop

    Did you put that on the outside of the glass or the inside? Looks great!
  5. jhumbeutel

    Store front window graphics inside or out?

    Also, what would be the best vinylto use for windows?
  6. jhumbeutel

    Store front window graphics inside or out?

    If it was put on the inside, the sticky side would show on the outside. Would that look bad because it's not nice and smooth like the top of the vinyl. Thanks for all the replys.
  7. I always thought vinyl window graphics should be applied to the inside of the store front window. But everything I see on youtube is applied to the outside. Just wondering which is better. Thanks
  8. jhumbeutel

    R-Tape 4075 Cheapest ??

    I see uscutter is out of rtape 4075 24 inch. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get it? I looked around and everyone wants about 20.00 more than uscutter sells it for. Thanks
  9. I moved my rollers in a little more and it seemed to work better but I still am getting cuts through letters when I use the weeding lines.
  10. I cut the amount that I needed so its not pulling from a roll but it still moves. About 1/8 inch on a 30 inch cut. When I do anything over 30 it really moves. The left roller doesn't seem to spin as good as the right. I don't know if that would even make a difference. I slowed it down to 2 on this cut but I really don't want to work that slow. How much do you think the vinyl usually moves?
  11. I do clean off my rollers from time to time. I'll try the alcohol because it seems like the vinyl is crooked when the job is finished. Not straight like when I started the cut. I always use the feed function to make sure enough vinyl is rolled out so it doesn't have to pull from the heavy roll. Does the grit on the roller ever wear down?
  12. Wow, that is pretty slow. I'm trying not to do so many weeding lines and moving my rollers in a little more. It seems to work better but still slipping a bit on larger runs. I'm just bummed because it never did that before and I was always running faster.
  13. I'm running at 25. Even if I slow it down to 15, it still happens. I do a lot of small text too so it's helpful to have the weeding lines. It used to work perfect. There must be some adjusment that I'm missing.
  14. Hi all, Hopefully someone can help. I have had my Graphtec CE5000 for about 6 months now and I love it. However, lately my vinyl seems to be moving during a cut. More so on larger runs. I have been very patient and try to line up the vinyl as straight as possible. I even use the stoppers to hold the roll in place and also the feed option to make sure its straight. The images and letters are cut fine but the weeding lines are partially cutting into some of the image. The offset has always been set at 0. I have never had this problem and seem to be wasting a lot of time and vinyl trying to figure this out. Any ideas? Thanks