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  1. Looking to do a decal for my smoker and need a pig dancing or shaking his rear. Gotta have a pig tail. Thanks!!!
  2. karkess

    us marine logos esp

    Or go to either brands of the world dot com or logo types 101 dot com and download the vectors there.
  3. karkess

    some of my best work..

    Awesome work!
  4. karkess

    First Ever Decal

    KoupSquad...Hmmm. I have one of those. Ever make your way onto forteforums? I know your screen name from somewhere. Anyways cutting is highly addictive as is the many different directions you'll want to go. It's like an array of drugs you want to try each and every one at least once. I started with vinyl signs and decals, now I'm into auto graphics and tinting. My area is saturated with sign shops, but not many good graphics and tint shops. I think I'd rather mess with cars anyways.
  5. Has anyone done this with an SC cutter? If so, would you please post a set of instructions. It sure would have been nice to have had an owners manual or access to an online one. Thanks
  6. karkess

    It's been awhile since I posted some of my work

    This I promise you, it wasn't the tinter that was off. The tint follows the curve of the windshield, where your decal doesn't. The driver's side is closer to the roofline than the passenger side. If you arched your graphic to match the arch of the windshield it would look a lot better. I made the same mistake. Of coarse, I got sick of the relentless noise the wipers made every time they ran across my graphic, so I just removed it. That being said, your graphic itself look great, as does the application, good job!
  7. karkess


    I was wondering if anyone has a good way to curve text or designs to match the curvature of body lines, or windshield arches?
  8. karkess

    Anyone here tinting?

    ^^^Great advice! In Michigan we have awful tint laws, so I plan on capitalizing on them. I'll tint your front windows, you pay me $40 at the time of purchase, I give you an insurance policy. If you get ticketed, come in and I'll remove your tint. Get your ticket signed off on and come back and I'll reinstall it. I'm out a few minutes labor and $7 material, and most people will never use it and it's money in my pocket.
  9. karkess

    Anyone here tinting?

    ^^^Actually if you're doing enough cars a day, not only can you cut an entire car in 2 minutes(most guys even if they double cut, will take at least 5 mins to cut out a window), but you're not going to have as much waste.
  10. karkess

    Anyone here tinting?

    I'm going to start off hand cutting. And then if justified, I'll have to upgrade my plotter and subscribe to software. As for the laws. Up in Michigan, our laws suck, but everyone ignores them and does what they want and for the most part the police leave you alone.
  11. karkess

    Anyone here tinting?

    Guess not.
  12. karkess

    First decal ever

    Looks good! How did you etch?
  13. karkess

    My 1st banner

    Looks good!
  14. karkess

    Anyone here tinting?

    I was curious if anyone here is tinting automotive windows? Living in a large urban area, there is a sign shop every mile and those damn Sign a rama shops with their big fancy vinyl printers! Everywhere! So while I won't turn down a sign job, matter of fact I have one for next weekend, I am trending towards window tinting. There are far fewer shops, and less quality shops. I found an awesome tint supplier and about 2 grand later, I'm waiting for tools and tint. I've actually got about 5 cars lined up starting in a couple weeks, and one person I just met, works for Collex collision and is willing to send me customers and have me tint cars for them, and possibly graphics as well. Oh! And I've found that most tinters are using Oracle transparent film to tint head lights and tail lights. I'm just curious if anyone else is taking this route, and how you've done and what types of marketing you've done. I've joined a tinters forum and the people there range from nice to nasty, seem like there are a few prima-donna's there. Thanks
  15. karkess

    New etching for my shop

    rlvied, any chance you'd give us a tutorial on how you make your bases. They look really nice. Thanks