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  1. Truckntran

    20% off Harbor Freight

    Go to the store and you will find signs stating the 20 percent off does not apply to welders, compressors, etc. :-
  2. Truckntran

    first banner

    Looks good but automotive stickers needs to drop the apostrophe. (pet peeve)
  3. Truckntran

    I just want to...

    So, how much WAS shipping? Congrats on the new cutter!
  4. Truckntran

    DIY Application Tape Dispenser & Roll Holder

    x2...but you have to remember to clamp the thing to your bench or screw it down if you don't want to chase your tape down the hall... lol. Seriously.. well worth the investment, this and a big squeegie are MUST HAVES for a professional shop. Nothing against DIY, just sometimes biting the bullet and spending the $$ pays off.
  5. Truckntran

    I Need Help Sticking The Vinyl HELP!

    Check out this post for a link to a good video..,4245.0.html If you can apply to glass dry it will stick better, I would still wet down the app tape after applying and letting it sit for a while, so it doeswn;t pull off the newly applied decal. As far as homemade application fluid... go to forum search and type in homemade application fluid and you will find a lot of info on different formulations.
  6. Truckntran

    I Need Help Sticking The Vinyl HELP!

    Use at least 651 or preferably better Oracal for starters.. Apply to a well cleaned window, Use alcohol and dry well, Use paper app tape, not plastic, and Squeegie the livin daylights out of it. After you apply it and are satisfied it lays flat, soak the app tape with app fluid until it starts to wrinkle and the adhesive is softened some, then pull the tape. Pull the tape back over itself, not up and away from the vinyl or it will start to pull the vinyl too. Sometimes it helps to wait half an hour or better for the adhesive in the vinyl to really stick to the window before you pull the app tape. Check out some of the posts here for homemade app fluids, and chek out youtube videos by Roger at Rapidtak for applying to glass and kold weather.. (Oops my 'puter lost its letter seee... ))
  7. Truckntran

    Very new and unsure

    Definitely check out used cutters, even in pawn shops.. I saw an old Roland cutter in a shop in central Texas a while back for only $199 that originally was over $1500 new.. but make sure you can bring it back if you can't get it to work or it is broken.Or, demonstrate the cutter before you buy it. . ALso... lots of the older software, Signblazer is one of these, seems to work better on older systems using XP with serial ports instead of USB connections.. A 24 inch cutter is a great do everything size for most sign work.. A 15 inch machine only can cut about 12 inches in many cases, that limits you to using tiled layouts and it is a unnecessary pain. Basic stuff you will be doing in no time, and there is no limit to how creative you can eventually get. Good luck! And don't forget to charge appropriately for your work.
  8. Truckntran


    If you click on redraw the jagged stuff goes away...
  9. I'll answer that with a definite maybe.. EDIT: Dry is preferred.......and wet is risky. But sometimes you do what ya gotta do.
  10. I wouldn't apply it to window molding, rubber trim or any highly curved surface... It is designed for fairly flat installation, especially if it is the high dollar reflective that has a lot of tiny hexagons in it. I have applied engineer grade wet, again on something flat, with no ill effects. One thing about either reflective, do not force it to bend back on itself or go around any sharp corner, you will find it discolors when bent severely.. For instance, the app method shown for the big squeegie on Youtube would be a bad idea... About half of the signs I make are on a yellow reflective background, and I am still learning how to do it absolutely perfect and bubble free. It is a challenge. Just when you think you have got it down something else goes wrong and ya learn a new mistake not to
  11. If you mean inches.... I just cut the original and outline, put down the outline,and lay down the original over the top of it. If you try to cut the JUST the outline, it's harder but most of all, if you have any shrinkage later, it will leave a gap. and if your setup is like mine, the outline that SBE makes will not exactly match the letters either, and there will be some ugly gaps. Overlap is the only way I can do outlines. (Yes, even with a graphtec.)
  12. That size sounds like a projector and paint job. 60 by 10 Feet applied to ?? And it should be pretty darn pricey. Go find a good Walldog (old timey outside sign painter) and let him do it and price it in exchange for a little on the job training for ya. Way too many variables to tell you how to do it or price it.
  13. Truckntran

    Back glass pricing?

    Yup, you're too cheap.
  14. Truckntran

    Cutting Mats

    I found a reject mat at a local sign supply place and now have a 4 by 8 cutting mat for less than $75. I can't use the lines on it to measure but I don't normally use them anyway. Wouldn't hurt to call around and see if anyone has one they can't sell for some reason..