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  1. I see that US Cutter and several other places sell transfer paper that cause be used with inkjet printers that use Pigment Ink... This is the part that confuses me, as this is a totally new area to me and would be interested in getting into it, if it meant that I did not have to buy another printer just for this use. My question is what is meant by Pigment Ink and what is the easiest way to tell if what I am currently using works. I KNOW I KNOW...what kind of printer do you have...Not 100%...Its a Canon..I do know that, however I am not at home right now so I cant confirm at the moment. Any information about this would be greatly appreciated because if I am going to invest in a new printer, then I am just going to get a laser one... ... Prolly more cost effective in the long run anyways.
  2. Bruisbe

    Question please

    Did you create your Vectors with Adobe Illustraor?? Sometimes AI will put a second layer behind it...hence the reason it cuts twice...What program are you using to cut?? Im not sure how the others work, however Sure Cuts Alot...When you click cut...There is an option to cut by color...With that window open check to see if it is showing 2 layers...If so, simply hide the white layer by clicking on the blade to the left of the layer...This will clear it up for you..
  3. Yeah but they want to charge me 11 bucks for shipping....I was able to get 50 tubes from Amazon for 19.99 and free 2 day shipping...Uline is great for boxes...but only if you can pick them up or order in EXTREMELY large qtys to make shipping worth it
  4. Honestly since it is simple to weed I would do something like LxW/2 and then offer a 10% discount for the large order... That comes out to about $208. The customer will appreciate it and likely return in the future since you helped him out. Plus you would only be using at most 27 feet of vinyl...(Which is nothing even if you threw the scraps away for the smaller cuts).
  5. Bruisbe

    Cut ready vector designs

    search google....plenty of places come up
  6. Bruisbe

    How would you....

    You can get PS CS9 for free from Adobe...Totally 100% legal... I cant get to the website from work because they block alot of placed to download things...But just Google Adobe CS9 Free download and there are plenty of legit places to get it...Same with Illustrator.
  7. Bruisbe

    How would you....

    Did you try to take that logo into Photoshop...Change the colors that way...And then import the imagine into Illistrator to create the .EPS?? If no one is able to do that for you today...I will when I get home from work and see what results I can get...
  8. TUBES...DUH!!! Thanks guys!!!
  9. I just received an online order for a decal that is 15 inches by 15 inches....Didnt realize until after completing the order that I didnt have anything to mail something that large. I have looked online but cannot find anything with both sides that large. Any suggestions??
  10. Bruisbe

    constructive criticism

    While I think the black and red looks GREAT....depending on what he puts it on will determine how it really looks. I typically charge $1 per inch on the longest side...And actually charged around 10 bucks since I would have had to use 2 colors. I always have a terrible time matter what I do...I end up with a least 1 or 2 air bubbles somewhere.
  11. Bruisbe

    Cutting thru the image

    The last post in this thread was from March 2013...The thread Died....Nava posted on it in Aug...sorta bringing it back to life... Term Thread Necro is used in forums sometimes when stuff like that happens.
  12. Bruisbe

    Cutting thru the image

    Wowowowow...i just realized the thread necro that just happened
  13. Bruisbe

    Cutting thru the image

    Also...if you can use a serial connection instead of usb..Do so... Another must is if you are using a stand...make sure you ground the cutter to the stand using the supplied cable...after doing these two things i never ran into those line issues any longer
  14. Bruisbe

    Blade Life

    Might have to get me one of those just to help judge if a blade is going bad or just needs more pressure...Thanks for the info guys..
  15. Bruisbe

    Blade Life

    How long do blades typically last...Of course I know that depends on how many cuts you are doing...but how much vinyl are you going through before you are needing to change a blade...Also whats the best way to tell that a blade is getting dull and not just needing more pressure??