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  1. Help me pick a logo

    #1 but I think I like the font of go c wraps in #2 better.
  2. two color letter

    You could also do this in the design software as well. If you just make a rectangle the same exact size of the stem of the K. Just cut that rectangle in red and lay it right over the top of it.
  3. two color letter

    I would just cut two of them out in the colors you want, lay them on top of each other and cut off with an xacto knife or whatever you use the part you want to change the color. Laying them exactly on top of each other ensures that you cut them exactly the same. And then either eye ball or measure it out and stick it on. Shouldn't be to hard, it's only a K not much to screw up on. Good luck! Post a pic when your done!
  4. two color letter

    Are you talking about changing the colors on the vinyl side of this or changing the colors while your using design software?
  5. New to the Cutter world.

    Enjoy your cutter and welcome!
  6. 1st vinyl job on my own vehicle

    Looks awesome!
  7. Newbie: Getting to know my machine

    Welcome! I am new here to. Can't wait to see some of your work Melissa!
  8. I need alittle help and some suggestions

    Do they have these problems with the USB with the higher end cutters like graphtec or more with the low budget ones?
  9. I suppose this question works for people doing installs and just taking orders and shipping the decals. My question is, when you guys get an order do any of you require a down payment or anything before you get started so they can't back out or anything when you have already finished the work? If anyone wants to share there start to finish process that would be awesome, for me and other people that may be wondering. Off topic question as well. Is it ok to do someone else's logo if you use different text? For example, I read a lot about the Harley Davidson logo on here, if you just wanted Harley Davidson in text on your vehicle or any other name brand company, is it ok to make it or even sell it if you change the text?
  10. Anniversary Banner

    Wow can't believe she was comfortable with you working on that. Bravo!
  11. cleancut blades

    How do you know which one to get. I was looking at the graphtec ones and they have different colors to choose from. Does the color mean something? Just looking to cut vinyl and vinyl only. What's the best angle for vinyl also? I have seen 30, 45, and 60.
  12. Craigs List Find..

    I'll give you $55 for all that vinyl so you can say you made money Nice find!
  13. Advertising

    I post my graphic design services and soon to be decal services in the Creative Services section. The Computer Services section would work also. You don't want to be annoying on craigslist but I do believe craigslist is a great place to get work. I get design jobs all the time from there.
  14. Free time today

    That looks awesome!!!