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  1. I talked with the Sure cuts a lot people and they gave me a link to download as well. (I’m sure it’s the same one David posted). It took care of my issue.
  2. Thank you for responding David. Please keep me posted ASAP if you hear back from the developer. I feel as if the upgrade to sure cuts a lot 5 should be free. I should not have to pay for an upgrade right off the bat. I ordered a pretty expensive cutter and software that is supposed to work with MAC and it doesn't work. If people are having trouble then sure cuts a lot 5 should be the software sent out with a new cutter. I do not run the most up to date version on my Mac. I still run macOS High Sierra. Again please keep me posted. Thank you
  3. For the life of me I can not get this to stop doing this on the corners. I’ve adjusted offset, the over cut and nothing changes.
  4. Yeah, I run a Mac so thats what I picked to come with my cutter. I do have Illustrator as well. Judging by the link someone posted it looks to definitely be an off set adjustment. Do I need to just play around to get the off set correct? Or does someone have the "magic number" I should put in?
  5. It looks like I am having the same issue as you. Mine is fresh out of the box and one of my first test cuts so I just did my name and this is what it looks like. And the font does not look like this on the computer. I’m not sure why it’s doing those weird tails off of all the points of the letters. Could the speed be to fast?
  6. Can someone help me out? I am brand new to this. I have the titan 2 Running sure cuts a lot 4 on a Mac. I am just trying to get everything set up and I see people talking about drivers needing to be downloaded. Where do I go for this? I can’t seem to find it. Is there anything else I need to download to get up and running? thanks!
  7. Caseman315

    Vinyl colors

    You bet.
  8. Caseman315

    Vinyl colors

    Thank you all. I ended up ordering the titan 2. I did end up ordering a few 24” rolls and a few 15” rolls of 651. I should take your advice and maybe order some GreenStar for practice. Once I receive my cutter I’m sure I’ll have more questions. thanks everyone
  9. Caseman315

    Vinyl colors

    I have not ordered my vinyl cutter yet but I have some questions on vinyl colors. Is it worth it to get the 24“ x 10 yard 12 pack of colors? Or should I order my vinyl individually and get the more common used colors? If so which colors should I get right off the bat? not that I wouldn’t someday need all of those colors but I’d rather not spend the money upfront if I’m never going to really use the brown and gold etc. thank you for any input.
  10. Caseman315

    Laserpoint 3 or Titan 2?

    Thank you for your response! How would someone find out if there was going to be an update or new model coming? I’d hate to purchase the titan 2 and in a few months they come out with an updated version.
  11. Caseman315

    Laserpoint 3 or Titan 2?

    I have done plenty of research on both and I do realize that they are pretty different machines, but I am looking for some honest opinions if the LP3 is good enough or if it would be less of a headache in the end to just get the titan 2? My main concern is will I get fairly the same outcome with small or large decals as far as cut quality? The LP3 is a great price right now, pretty much half the price of the titan 2. Is it worth it? My last question- I have seen threads about the titan 2 from back in 2016. Do these cutters get updated year after year? Or is that 2016 titan 2 the same titan 2 in 2019? How often do these companies come out with updates or new cutters? thank you for any advice you can give.
  12. Caseman315

    Help me pick a logo

    #1 but I think I like the font of go c wraps in #2 better.
  13. Caseman315

    two color letter

    You could also do this in the design software as well. If you just make a rectangle the same exact size of the stem of the K. Just cut that rectangle in red and lay it right over the top of it.
  14. Caseman315

    two color letter

    I would just cut two of them out in the colors you want, lay them on top of each other and cut off with an xacto knife or whatever you use the part you want to change the color. Laying them exactly on top of each other ensures that you cut them exactly the same. And then either eye ball or measure it out and stick it on. Shouldn't be to hard, it's only a K not much to screw up on. Good luck! Post a pic when your done!