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    CE5000 vs CE6000

    I have used both. My mom has a 5000-60 that I used to use when I was just helping her out and now I have the 6000-60 and there are pro's and con's to both. The tracking is a lot better on the 6000 and with how the interface is set up it is a lot easier to navigate and personally I find it more convient to pause if something goes wrong on the cut than on the 5000. The brake on mine is a little touchy and will kick the roll off everytime if I don't prefeed the whole piece, which is a bit annoying and I never ran into using her 5000 since it doesn't have the break. The 6000 is a little less forgiving about blade settings too and will chip the blade far faster if you don't have the settings just right than the 5000 I've noticed so keep that in mind if you are planning to do intricate cuts.
  2. Mainly we are using Oracal 631. Once in a while we use Oracal 651 for when someone wants one of our designs for use on a car, but that's maybe one design a week if that. We've been wanting to try out cutting the Orcal 8500 and 8300 translucent and transparent films, but that's on hold for now. The current settings is speed 20cm/s and force 12+0. When adjusting the force didn't work we just reset it to the default and tried working on adjusting the blade. We did adjust the blade just like you were saying and had initially put it in that way. You can't even really see the blade tip (I'm really glad the place we bought it warned us how little to have it out or we would have cut right through to the cut strips through first go for sure). Would the oil used for sewing machine matience work?
  3. That's how it was cutting at first, and we hadn't changed the blade settings or adjusted anything when the problems started. The first few times it did it, readjusting the blade seemed to work. My first thought was maybe it had been cutting too deep into the wax and that had caused build up on the blade (it didn't seem deep, but the blade wasn't worn when I checked it maginfied). But switching out the blade should have fixed that at least for a short period of time if that was the case, and the very first cut with the new blade pulled up edges too. We've tried several different depths and different force settings with the same result. The closest was a super light depth that was almost not cutting all the way through so was basically useless. It would have weeding a nightmare and only stopped the lifting part of the time. Luckily our supplier is giving us a voucher for the material that is getting eaten up with experimenting to try to get it to work. I think we've gone through about 4-6 yards trying out things if you count the inital designs that had the be recut too from when it was still semi managable.
  4. It's not touching the cutting strip at all. The backing of the vinyl isn't evening getting marked during cutting.
  5. Normally we can just take our equipment into our usual supplier in for whatever maintence we need, but our go to guy there is gone on his honeymoon (a three week vacation with the last week still to go >_<), and of course our new cutter decides to start giving us trouble the day after he leaves with a whole mess of orders getting backed up. We're getting a little desperate and can't wait for him to get back to fix this so if anyone here can help it would be beyond appreciated. We have a Graphtec 6000-60 that we've only had for 2 months. About a week and a half ago it started lifting the vinyl at the corner of cuts. At first it was only on the more intricate designs, the it was on every corner, then it started lifting up pieces of vinyl. Now it chews up the vinyl if we try to cut anything. We've tried putting in a new blade, switched from a 45 degree to a 60 degree, took the blade holder apart to make sure nothing was gumming it up (at first nothing was, the last two times we tried cutting it had gotten all gucked up with bits of vinyl. These were the times it chewed up the vinyl.), checked the alignment, the rollers, every part of it we can think of top to bottom. We haven't been able to get a hold of the manufacturer, just keep getting an answering machine service. Any ideas on what could be causing it? It was cutting fine for weeks, and we're at a loss.