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  1. warbird

    When in need of graphics..READ FIRST!

    I've got to agree with the last two, we all have to start somewhere & while UScutters will sell to the pro's I would hazzard a guess that they sell as many If not more to us 'hobbyists' Most of my cutting I do for free or break even costs for friends, small car clubs & charities around my local area, when the pro guys don't want to bother with a one off or a small run. So, come on guys, lighten up & lets enjoy what we do
  2. warbird

    Craft Robo + SignBlazer

    Any ideas??
  3. warbird

    Completely Confused!!!

    If you have more than one item on the design screen that you want to send to the cutter, highlight the first item then while holding down 'shift' key click on the other items you want to cut at the same time, to save vinyl move them close together before highlighting them else you will waste material. If you move the items together prior to cutting you can also pull a box around everything you want to cut by going to the top l/h corner of the group of items & hold the l/h mouse button while pulling the box down to the bottom r/h thus pulling a box over all you want to cut this will put a scaleable box around all the items. I think they do have to be the same colour for this to cut all at the same time. Hope this helps Geoff
  4. warbird

    Craft Robo + SignBlazer

    Hi Guys & Girls, I have a question for you all, I have just found my original SignBlazer Pro 5.5 software (which I thought had been 'borrowed' at work) & I have just loaded it onto an old laptop running Win 98 & the program is runnig with no problems so far. I have an Omega 60 cutter which is working fine but I also have a Craft Robo lying around doing nothing at the moment & was wondering if I can use this with SigBlazer as another vinyl cutter as this used as a hobby the Craft Robo would take up less room for 'one off' cutting & would save me setting up the Omega everytime! Cheers Geoff in sunny Bristol, England.
  5. Hi Teez, thanks for your time & .eps's!! Cheers Geoff Bristol, England
  6. warbird

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Hi, Yes I have just found my original SignBlazer pro 5.5 which I thought I'd had 'borrowed' from work! I run it on an oldish laptop with win 98 on it, quite fast enough for what I want to do, but, to run SignBlazer Pro you need a HASP dongle plugged into a USB port for the program to run so even if you get a copy of SB pro it still, as far as I know, won't run, so unless you have the dongle you will be stuck with SB elements I think (would be nice if someone could prove me wrong!!) I got to say that since 'loosing' my SB pro I've tried quite a few vinyl cutter programs &, for me, none are a patch on SBP! Cheers Geoff Bristol, UK
  7. Its showing $60 shipping to the UK!! what? for a CD rom?? Don't think I'd be dealing with them!!
  8. For a USB to Serial converter you will need the driver CD that came with the converter, when you plug the converter into the USB port It should ask you for the driver, otherwise look through the driver CD that came with the converter & find the bit of program that will install the driver onto your computer then your computer should find the driver when you plug the converter into the USB port. The above worked for me, It may not work for you, try it & see. maybe someone else will come along with a different way to do it. Hope this may help Geoff Bristol, UK
  9. warbird

    Graphic Request Info.

    This is what I wanted, found it too Here it is......................... Geoff meerkat01.EPS meerkat01.EPS
  10. Well, no answers to my request, I found one eventualy & as no one seems to have one I thought it only fair that I post it on here so if anyone in the future needs one, it's here! Hope it works for you.................... meerkat01.EPS meerkat01.EPS
  11. warbird

    Graphic Request Info.

    That's the one! sometimes called a Meerkat too! (I think my original spelling was wrong with the C instead of the K)
  12. warbird

    looking for car

    Thanks flanders! Geoff Bristol, UK
  13. warbird

    F150 Harley edtion flame stripe

    Rod, Thanks very much. Geoff Bristol, UK