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  1. I upgrade fron cut to ltr and everything still loads up as cut after I download from the link the gave me that says download vinylmaster ltr. Do I need to uninstall the old one first?

    1. VinylMaster


      No just use your new PSN when installing. 

    2. Beavis97


      Ok.. Thank you. I found that I copied the wrong PSN down and used the old one again. LOL

  2. USCutter PSN VinylMaster Update

    So when you upgrade from cut to ltr. I downloaded new, but it still loads up as cut and don't see any of the new features
  3. Fluorescent colors?

    Wondering how people print these types of colors. Someone was saying that there is a Fluorescent colored paper you can print on? Any info on any of this?
  4. Printer option?

    Ok. I am looking i to 2 different printers just to print out some small decals on printable vinyl. Now some require bright colors. I have a workforce 1100 right now, but can not get some of the brighter colors. I was looking in to the Epson Artisan 1430 or Epson p400. Anyone habe any experience with the 1430 or p400?
  5. Contour just a bit off?

    I messed around with the offset and also re-calibrated the laser and it is a lot closer. See how this all works out.
  6. Contour just a bit off?

    Trying to figure out the contour stuff and got it pretty much, but they are off just a bit. This is a photo of my first printed decal job. I have a SC 54in and use vinyl master cut. Would it be the offset in the program that I have to mess with?
  7. I have been using Vinyl Master Cut, Inkscape and Vector Magic. Sometimes I still go back to Signblazer til I get use to the Vinly Master
  8. Thanks for the help guys. I got the Tripp lite serial adapter and replaced the cutting strip. looked a bit worn. Seems to be doing fine now
  9. Roland pnc 1210 how old?

    Thanks will check it out when I get home. Was trying to do a quick search on my phone. Will try again
  10. Roland pnc 1210 how old?

    That's what I kind of figure. For free sure the heck gonna try it. Lol. Was just trying to get some info. Tried to Google spec on it, but didn't find them yet
  11. I am wondering how old the Roland pnc 1210 are or how long have they been around. I have a customer tha is throwing one away and I plug it in and turn it on and can hear all running and blade carrier moves like usual when turned on. Don't know much else yet until I get it home though. Right now I have a MH871 and SC 54in cutter.
  12. I don't think the blade depth is the problem, but double checked anyways. Sometimes it will cut fine and then other times it will just be in a random spot on the cut where it does not finish the line that it is cutting and goes on to somewhere else and starts cutting. I know these are low end cutters, Had an MH871 for 7 years and never had it do this. I just got the Vinyl master Cut and is all new to me. Was using Signblazer before. For $100 just couldn't pass up the cutter and other stuff it came with. Would really like to put some money away to get a good servo motor cutter.
  13. Ok I will check that all out. Yeah was just reading some of Skeeter's post on that. Thanks for the info. Really want to get a servo motor cutter soon, but man someone sold me this machine, box of vinyl, tools and few other things for $100.. Could not pass it up. LOL
  14. I just bought an SC 54in cutter and sometimes it does not finish cuts in spots on what I am cutting out. It does not do it all the time, but if I cut more than one decal at once that is when it will most likely do it. Something like not finishing a line all the way or maybe a letter . Just somewhere on the decal it will not finish something. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before
  15. If I buy VinylMaster Cut from Uscutters is it a download and do I get an activation code right away or is all through the mail?

    1. VinylMaster


      You can download it as soon as you get your PSN from here: