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  1. RocketRollinSX

    Inverted Round Corners

    I am trying to create a border with rounded corners. But I want the radius to be inverted vs the standard rounded corner. Does anyone know how to do this in SignBlazer?
  2. RocketRollinSX

    Maple Syrup/tree/tap

    I am putting together some shirt designs for our maple sugar house. Im looking for a vector of a maple tap in a tree or anything along those lines. Anyone have anything like that? Thanks!
  3. RocketRollinSX

    PCUT Reboots in middle of cut

    I had called them last week. They set my COM1 setting to Hardware Flow Control in my device manager and in the SB software. Oddly enough it wouldn't cut at all after that. Tonight I set the PC to no flow control and SB to Hardware and it cut everything no problem.
  4. RocketRollinSX

    PCUT Reboots in middle of cut

    I will have to try disconnecting them. Its odd because it will cut smaller decals no problem, but I've got a sign job I'm working on and it dies part way through every time. The only difference is there is more text to cut. I remember a thread way back regarding cuts that are to long but I cant seem to find it.
  5. Ive had my Pcut 630 for about 5 years now, never had an issue. Today all of a sudden at the same point in a graphic ive cut many time it stops part way through. It appears that the cutter is rebooting itself because it stops in place, then goes to the online screen. Any ideas? Cutting with Win XP, Serial cable, using SignBlazer.
  6. RocketRollinSX

    Anyone tried USC's new 18 mil sandblast mask?

    I have a roll. It works good for sandlasting...but I wish it was a lot tackier. Unless its a perfectly smooth surface it does not stick all that well.
  7. RocketRollinSX

    Cutting though multiple layers of vinyl

    Nice, thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering a roll of the USCutter sandblast film to try. I will still try layering up in case I am ever in a pinch again.
  8. RocketRollinSX

    Looking for an Adirondack Chair

    Anyone have an adirondack chair on hand?
  9. Has anyone tried cutting through more than one layer of vinyl at a time? Typically I use Oracal 651 for my sandblast resist when blasting glass. I want to blast some slate witha heavier grit and would like a thicker stencil. I was thinking about layering 2-3 layers of 651, then cutting it which would give me a thicker stencil. I have a USCutter 24" PCUT. Would slowing the cut down and adding some pressure be ok?
  10. RocketRollinSX


    Thanks for everyones help. Im pretty sure I figured it out. I imported it into SB and did a total weld and that seemed to do the trick. I just need to clean up the tips of the flake and I should be good. Thanks again to everyone who chimed in on this thread!!
  11. RocketRollinSX


    Im gonna have to try to redo my AI file. I really need the lines to be perfect for this. Tracing seems to make them all rounded when I need crisp.
  12. RocketRollinSX


    Try now.
  13. RocketRollinSX


    This is what I have. Couldnt attach file is to big. I need to somehow group all the parts together I think. The people want this flake as it matches all their invitations etc.
  14. RocketRollinSX


    Does anyone have this snowflake on hand already? I tried to draw it but when I import the EPS the image skews and I cant seem to figure out why. Got a 40 mug/glass etching job to do with it. Thanks!!! http://www.vectordia...lakes-tutorial/
  15. RocketRollinSX

    Need vector help or font ID

    I am trying to recreate this "BR" for a project I have going. Is there a font that is close to it or can someone assist in vectorizing just the "BR" 18FR.bmp