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  1. No, I don't have a Triplite Kespan adapter...yet. Thanks for the heads up. Good to know! Thanks because I can't stand the smell of the "sent free" or sented dryer sheets and don't use them because they normally make me itch when I use them with clothes. I will keep this in mind when doing multiple decals per cutting session. Thanks!
  2. I am happy to report that with 6 dryer sheets and a humidifier runing my machine is once again back to normal operation!!! Thanks again to everyone that chimed in to help!
  3. I just tested a smaller "cut" by replacing the blade with a pen and it came out normal and did not drag the blade. I just attempted the larger cut and same result as with vinyl the "blade" (pen) drags. I will run out to the store to pick up some dryer sheets. Thanks everyone for your help in figuring out what the issue is. I will update later this evening.
  4. I just tested a smaller "cut" by replacing the blade with a pen and it came out normal and did not drag the blade.
  5. Thanks E L Design. I have confirmed that my Sure Cuts A Lot software is still registered. The connection is USB. I thought about static as well but am wondering if there is a way to test for static issues. Vinyl cutter model - SC Date purchased - 12/2014 Connection method - USB Software - Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro Operating system - Mac OSX 10.9.5 Material - Vinyl (751 and 651)
  6. Machine has only been used a few times but my last two cuts have been ruined by the blade having a mind of its own and cutting lines through my design. I have checked everything and nothing has changed from the other day when it cut 8 large decals perfectly. Has anyone else had this issue or have any ideas of how to resolve the issue? Thank you
  7. Does anyone know if I can use my old LaserPoint I stand on the new SC 25"? Thank you!
  8. krolyat

    An Exercise in Weeding

    Thank you jaybird!
  9. krolyat

    An Exercise in Weeding

    Who or what is mr 300? Most of the armed forces seals have been released to me in the past with the exception of a quality Marine Corp seal.
  10. krolyat

    Basketball court in bed room

    Awesome idea! Looks good!
  11. krolyat

    An Exercise in Weeding

    I'm new to all of this and have found a new passion but where do you all find the graphics. Expecially the Marine Corps seal and the Harley?