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  1. hi originally it showed "Novram Init " thanks
  2. hi done factory resetting , but once power on , some weird things show on the screen , as below it is supposed to be 1st photo , any idea why? it may be cable problem? slightly damaged when it was pulled off. where i can this cable? thank
  3. han7681

    what is Novram Init ?

    the photo is attaced. cant control any. , im using signblazer have to change motherboard? it it is replaced, what is need to set?
  4. hi when i turned on the cutter, Novram Init message showed then , the cutter didnt move at all, even couldnt load , tried factory setting - hold up arrow key and power on , but nothing changed. anyone knows why and how i can sort it out? thanks
  5. hi i have roland rs 640 and versa works will print on oracle 3268 vinyl thanks
  6. hi i will print wall paper covering around 2x3 M as its size , will divide 3 or 4 section , overlapping 1 cm the photo size is 30 cmx28 cm (300dpi) 34.5 MB how to cut into 3 or 4 sections and change size and resolution in photoshop? thanks
  7. han7681

    any one know what material ?

    hi the photo is attached
  8. hi as showing on the photo. http://cafeptthumb3....y.jpg?type=w740 it is very thin plastic sheet , how do you call it and when we can get it? i guess it cut by Silhouette Cameo. can it be cut by normal cutter like ce-5000? thanks
  9. han7681

    why i cant merge ?

    hi anyone know how to do in AI ? thanks
  10. han7681

    why i cant merge ?

    hi thanks for answer.. but can you explain how to weld? i tried to expand , but cant press the expand button in pathfinder. thanks
  11. han7681

    why i cant merge ?

    hi i cant merge with the butterfly body with other part. how i can make one object? any idea? thanks butterfly body.eps
  12. hi plz see the photo, the cutting is not correct position , set reg mark in signmaster 2 and send to graphtec cutter what went wrong? printer problem or cutter settling wrong? whole graphic size is 60* 20 cm ,, any idea? thanks
  13. han7681

    can the signblazer run many cutters?

    hi thanks for answer , i manged to cut 2 cutters with one pc, but whenever cutting a new, do i need to change output device setting? for example. open a 2 sign blazer, then one is usb 1 output setting in signblazer , the other is usb2 output setting in signblazer , after cutting finish, usb1 always change into usb2., so have to change back to usb 1 when cutting a new one, how i can solve? how i can fix the usb out ? thanks
  14. hi i have few cutters with each pc to run. can one signblazer in one pc run many cutters? if yes, how to do ? any advice welcome thanks
  15. han7681

    all mixed path line?

    thanks for replying i have PCUT CREATION.