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  1. Styled Stickz

    Need 6 yard signs made

    Got it taken care of, thanks.
  2. I need 6 single sided yard signs. 1 color, that says "You've Been Flocked!" really big and then small down in the corner says "By Spotlight Studios". Nothing special, looking for as cheap as possible, it's for a cheer team. 18x24. Let me know how much.
  3. I need someone to screen print 27 shirts, 26 adult S-XL and 1 2XL. White graphics one both sides, navy gildan shirt. Any takers, how much? Oh, and I need them by Wednesday of next week.
  4. Styled Stickz

    Just sharing some graphics...softball

    Grabbed them all, thanks!!!
  5. Styled Stickz

    Can anyone help vectorize this?

    Thanks so much!
  6. Styled Stickz

    Can anyone help vectorize this?

    I just need the logo to the left of the text. This is the biggest picture I have. Need to make one last sponsor banner for my sons baseball org! Thanks for any help!!!
  7. Styled Stickz

    Anyone know what this font is?????

    I posted a case on What the Font and have had no replies. I was thinking it is Team Spirit without the underline part, but I don't know. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Styled Stickz

    Need help with graphic

    That will work! Thank you so much!
  9. Styled Stickz

    Need help with graphic

    Hey all! You guys are all so awesome! I thought I'd throw one more difficult graphic (for me) at you! All I need is the graphic to the left of the text traced. This is the best resolution I have. It's for a sponsor banner and the company doesn't have any larger pics or a vector image of it! Thanks in advance!
  10. Looking to outsource to have these printed/cut, don't think it will turn out well with so many layers of vinyl. How much do you charge for print/cut say 100 of these roughly 6"x6"?
  11. Styled Stickz

    Having a hard time vectorizing this.........

    WOW!!!! Thanks so much!
  12. I just really need the "K" more than anything else, I can grab the font for everything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried vectorizing but the white tips of the "k" won't trace. Thanks in advance!!!!!
  13. Styled Stickz

    A few questions about basebal jerseys

    I get it at Wellington House. It is a local distributor, here's the website:
  14. Styled Stickz

    A few questions about basebal jerseys

    I was just at my distributor a couple of weeks ago and they showed me a sample of an Under Armour style shirt with their new Super Film, I think it's by Stahl's. That stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! It is soooooo thin you can barely feel it on that very thin shirt! He stretched the shirt as far as it would go and that stuff held up so well! Super finish, super soft hand and super colors make CAD-CUT
  15. Styled Stickz

    What is you blade of choice?

    Is there a difference between the 60 degree clean cut balde and the 60 degree roland carbide blades that you get from US Cutter? I just ordered the US Cutter 60 degree blades because of the price, would I be getting something different from clean cut?