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  1. I ordered null modem cable to check if the serial connection will work and the USB port is just broken. If that doesn't work, that would could only be the I/O board or the mother board, which I will only order together to text, so avoid extra work / return costs. I did check the cutter with a different software which also did get me any movement on the blade.
  2. @MZ Skeeter gotcha ... I wil post here if I have any success.
  3. Ok, deinstall it and then just google the Serial No.? Can you recommend fo buy something delicate like this from Alibaba or similar side ?
  4. Ok, I might try to find one of those .. but would you know where else to buy a mother board just in case?
  5. Ok, thank you. I really will have t check its been many years, which makes me a little nervous about US Cutter getting the motherboards back in stock too....
  6. Surprisingly my Adapter has been delivered already but unfortunately the Tripp Lite Serial Adapter doesn't fit on the SC Plotter : ( I tried to take out the screws to fit them backwards onto the adapter but then I wasn't sure if the screws have to have contaction with the actually adapter and backplate of the serial port but which I defiantly was not able to establish a proper connection then. So I might have to just wait till US Cutter has the mother boards back for sale. Or does somebody know where else to get a mother board for the SC cutter ?
  7. Ok, just got of the phone with the USCutter Support ... It he ran all kinds of texts and his conclusion : Its mostly the Motherboard, since the USB connection to the printer is showing and the test cut works intermittently ( 1 out of 6 times) Unfortunately the bother board is sold out on their website. So I will have to wait for my new Serial able / Tripp-lite Adapter so if it's just the USB port ( count even be a problem with the whole input board which I would only order when the Mother board is back in stock to text each component. I will keep ever body in the loop on what it turns to to be.
  8. This may be a connection problem with the USB port ... this is what I'm seeing trying to cut with SignCutPro : ... and no movement , sound what so over...
  9. I guess I'm looking to change the output source ..
  10. Thanks @MZ SKEETER since I can't delete Sure Cuts, I just installed it again, in hops it will overwrite the old software. Still no move meant on the plotter, so I'm trying out the SignCut Pro2 Software but since it's not cutting, I'm not sure If I used the right settings when it asked me for the connectivity, since I also downloaded the Spooler, I set that as connection since non of the other connection options I could choose from made sense to me like : bluetooth , TCP/IP etc. ... so there is no movement, but also no error massage or anything indicating, that the cut job is about to start or tryng to initiate.
  11. I will try the Serial adapter that @Wildgoose suggested but I actually just ordered a Serial to USB-C cable connect it directly to my Mac because I already have an adapter from USB to USB-C , that maybe to many connections. ... but until they arrive I will have to try the SignCut Pro that @Wildgoose suggested .. and while I figure that out I will try to get US Cutter support on the phone to see if they let me download Sure Cuts again or give me the Key to the software gain. Will let you guys know!
  12. Also good advice !!!! Could be that .. will order one right now.
  13. What program do you run with Mac? You know what I never paid attention to the colors but that seams to not be the problem since the cutter just reacted to the connection test and then did the actually cut with all the same settings, after I disconnected the power and disconnected the usb a couple of times but now I got the same problem after this one cut. So the problem is defiantly just intermittently. The only adjusting I can make on the cutter is the speed and the move the blade. The Cutter is not showing up in the finder, should it ?
  14. Ok, Where can I change the com ? I should mention, that I'm working on a Mac I have the older sure cuts pro 3 . Where can I download the newer version or even the old one. Maybe reinstalling the software might work !? Where can I download SignBlazerElements´╗┐ ? Or another free software to text . I saw that you posted the link here in the forum before, but the links don't work anymore. ( Where probably for Windows anyway !?)
  15. Not sure how to exactly text cut from the control panel, but I performed a connection text in the cut settings, thats pretty much the only place where I can change settings related to the cutting.