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  1. gadget1961

    Do not TEXT and drive

    saw this on friends post
  2. gadget1961

    Stick peoples pets

    thanks i will go to work on doing one for the cat
  3. gadget1961

    looking for some devil parts

    thanks i found another pic and noded it and filled it in and did some cutting it works for me thanks to all who helped
  4. gadget1961

    looking for some devil parts

    this is what i was looking for thanks
  5. gadget1961

    looking for some devil parts

    I have been looking for this and i know have i looked else where yes i found and no did something wrong just cant pick out the items i need from a pic thanks Devil_Head.eps
  6. gadget1961

    Stick peoples pets

    Ok so this was a weird conversation, i was asked ,,,, so what happens to the dead cat or dog that is advertised on the window as your pet , what do you do , scape it off put an x over them , dont have a clue to the person asking , p.s. they dont like animals
  7. gadget1961

    the right way to roast outside

    elf gone
  8. I am going to do a small sticker but i just dont have any of these people or things haha , as he is the pool man , winter is his off season but will work on it , just need some help with this , as its the only one i could find off the net any ideas this is for in the spring thanks
  9. i know this is a old topic but i bought the disk and wow there are a lot of stick people haha
  10. gadget1961

    Looking for a skull hand--- handgernade

    thanks for the info on the hand and thanks for the eps file they will like it
  11. I know there is pic of this just that i have a new computer and i dont have all my items for eps config , i am slowly getting what i had on my older computer that just went up and nothing was left on it , all was lost , i had this one and i have my ink scape up and running just need this one for my Marine friend thanks
  12. gadget1961

    I am looking for a plain cat eps

    thank you so very much this helps a lot your wonderfull
  13. Dos anyone know where to get a cat black eps i had 10 of them changed computors and lost some of the eps files , love the speed , dont like the loss thanks