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  1. welder.man

    skull trace

    Very quick trace, it might help you get started. skull.ai
  2. welder.man

    3D Subliamtion

    We bought one from our supplier and they stopped stocking them as they sold 10 and all 10 have had problems, ours is sitting unused as it has only one element working and just cannot maintain the temp. We have since bought a convection oven for our mugs and it works well, never really used the 3D side.
  3. welder.man

    Ouija board vector

    Thank you.
  4. welder.man

    Sad Day for me.

    So sorry to hear this John, think of all the good times.
  5. welder.man

    How do you keep up stock?

    We now buy 10 and 15oz mugs 10 boxes at a time, with all the other sub supplies like stubby cooler and mouse mats we order 200 each time, items such as stone, hardboard frames, tiles and key chains we buy by the box and normally several boxes at a time we find doing this we get really good discounts and it is easy when we get a order through the door, I have a 10' x 10' storeroom that we keep everything in. We have to do this as we live in a semi-remote village and when we order anything it can take over a week to arrive so we just keep what we need in stock and re-order as we start to get low, I also do the same with our signage, engraving and embroidery supplies.
  6. welder.man

    How do you store and organize your vinyl?

    We built this stand a few years back, we have out grown it and are about to make a new larger one for our new office - sign room we are halfway through building.
  7. Out here in Oz I buy at least $1000 worth at a time (every month) and get charged $35 delivery, the last order was for 500 Velcro coolers and about 60 photo slates, and the time before was for 500 11oz mugs a set of inks for my sg7100 and a box 110 A3 paper, and we still get a freight charge of $35. we have a 12' square room full of blanks
  8. welder.man

    Trophy and award supplier in Australia

    Thanks for the links, I do have these three on my list to call today.
  9. I am being asked again and again for trophies and awards, does anyone know of a good supplier of blank trophies and awards in Australia, I have looked but cannot find blanks.
  10. welder.man

    3d heat press

    I have one, I don't use it much yet, It is great for 11oz mugs but I am waiting for my supplier to get more of the silicone mug wraps, I found the 15oz mug wraps are a bit high to fit in as the lid will not close. Our supplier seems to keep all the parts I might ever need. We have just bought some phone cases and the metal inserts I will have to give them a go soon. It can be used as a vacuum press where you put the item or items to be pressed in and put the silicone forming sheet down or the vacuum part can be removed to press mugs.
  11. welder.man

    Business card printer what to get

    Thanks for the reply, I am leaning towards a laser type printer not inkjet, I have a few Epson inkjets and they print very well but slow and waiting for the ink to dry is a pain. We are looking to do in house printing for our own needs as well as our existing customers, I offer a fast turnaround and I have tried to outsource the printing but I cannot find anywhere that is quick and good quality (quick and poor quality I can find) I even had one place contact my customers to see if they would like to go directly to them, so to save all the headaches we would like to do in-house. I am only looking at a small runs maybe 2 or 3 sets of business cards, menus for cafes and pubs that change often and a few thousand mail outs a month, But I will buy a printer that will handle more if I do get busy. I have also just ordered a Ricoh SG7100DN sublimation printer for the same reason. My old boss had an Oki printer and we made all our own stationary with it and it worked out very well for him. Just asking for opinions and looking at options.
  12. I am looking for a good printer for small runs of business cards and advertising flyers. Anyone have a printer I would like to hear comments good or bad. I have been looking at a Oki c711dn I have some sample prints on the way, it can print on 250gsm card and will duplex for two sided printing. http://www.oki.com.au/printers/colour-printers/a4-printers/detail.aspx?prodid=tcm:132-95647-16 Thanks for any advice.
  13. welder.man

    Go Carts

    I make my own, here is one of the last I made, it is an Arrow XE2.
  14. welder.man

    photo impact printer

    Thanks for the advise, I will call Roland Australia and see what parts they carry for it.