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    OSX 10.9 Mavericks killed FlexiStarter

    will cut master work with a creation pcut ct630 or is this just the graphtec one ? sorry to hijack
  2. signcut pro yes I've heard of this i will check it out. hopefully not too exspensive
  3. I've recently bought a mac and wondered what is the best software to use with us cutter pcut ct630 cutter. i was using flexistarter on windows but its not compatable with mac mavericks anymore, shame. and most of my cuts were done on flexi and can't transfer them now so its a matter of starting fresh i don't really want to run windows on a mac i.e parallels. any software recommendations would be great please, even better were to find
  4. I could do with upgrading some time soon, but thanks for your help guys I'm sure ill be along some time soon lol
  5. I also tried all the other things aswell but changing the baud rate done it for me
  6. Got it going now guys I dine a fresh install and downloaded the drivers all again but was still doing the same thing grrrr!! Came across a post somewhere else about the baud rate has to be at 9600 and mine wasn't set at that, so I changed it to 9600 and hey presto back in business. Just baffled to why it worked for so long before, don't know if it changed for some reason
  7. I've been cutting for weeks without fail. But all of a sudden yesterday it's stopped responding to flexi. It goes through the process of cutting just not responding I can send a cut and it says 100% finished but like I said no response . I'm using a USB connection with flexistarter 8.5. Any ideas static?
  8. dplovin

    No response from cutter all of a sudden

    Cheers matey ill give that a try
  9. dplovin

    No response from cutter all of a sudden

    Cheers matey ill give that a try
  10. I'm using a creation pcut ct630 with flexistarter 8.5 I've been cutting vinyl with no problem for weeks. But all of a sudden today I'm sending my design from flexi to my cutter but no response. First it says holding then counts up to 100% on flexi but no response from cutter Any ideas
  11. dplovin

    multiple colour cut

    im new to flexi and the vinyl cutting industry only been cutting one colour jobs to start and fancied my had at multiple. I have a design which is just in outline view. and want to input two colours and cut them separately then piece together ready for heat pressing. any information or input would be great, im a quick learner
  12. dplovin

    where is the bitmap option in flexi

    am I right in saying its only available in the pro version ? must be an addon or something ?
  13. dplovin

    where is the bitmap option in flexi

    I recently watched a great tutorial video, amongst other things one part stood out for me. had the ability to change a bad bitmap image into a perfect bitmap ready for cut in just two or 3 clicks. it had the bitmap toolbar option at the top but I cant find it on my version? I have flexi8 starter version 8.62
  14. my cutter has started cutting dashes not all over the design just in a certain direction I think any ideas how to stop it cutting dashes instead of straight lines. weeding is a knightmare
  15. dplovin

    Sharper lines?

    im new to all this so bare with me. I have a design that my sisters son wants on a t-shirt. long story short after I trace bitmap the image I just cant get it to look sharp enough i.e square boxes have curve bits etc its a one of those eat sleep designs. is there an easier way than deleting and adding nodes etc help much appreciated