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  1. I have greenstar and i put white decals on my dads and uncles truck windows and they have with stood 100 degree 100% humidity weather and everything else a truck goes through. I have 5 karts with greenstar that race every weekend and the decals will not fail. Tires leave marks and dont even peel it off. Buying 10 rolls of vinyl and saving $5 on each, saved me $50 bucks with no compromise.

  2. I do not have a permanent work space, so I cant use a light table. I do lots of 2-4 layer stuff for racing and thought clear was the best option. I have done the hinge method but never thought about doing it for layers. How do you do the wet method and do you need to but application fluid?

  3. I keep having problems with my app tape. Applying it is hard and I keep putting off jobs because of it.  I use Perfectear maintape and it is awful. I use green star vinyl and need to know what is the best clear tape to use.

    Also looking into the Big Squeegees. I do not do this enough to justify spending $100 so will the other Big Squeegees work just fine?

    Again Thank you all for so much help.