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    New need help

    Hello i race go karts and would like to start makeing graphics for the karts and trailers. What equipment do i need? What are the costs? How long dose it take to make up money for the equipment. Thanks so much, Chandler PS im from central ohio
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    New need help

    Would you recommend a used cutter? I have adobe illustrator. Can i use it for the software?
  3. robochan

    New need help

    thanks so much. At one of the go kart swap meets i go to there's a sign company that makes kart graphics and they are always crowded and have like a 4 hour wait for like 4 sets of numbers. I would just want to go and take some of there overflow of customers.
  4. robochan

    New need help

    wow thanks for fast supply. What size do i need? I cant find vinyl larger than 30" so whats the purpose of a larger cutter? How much would a long lasting cutter cost? Thanks again, Chan