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    For all you race fans

    very nice
  2. robochan

    question about mac,nothing to do with cutters

    On my sony NW series laptop i got 4 gigs and can run 4 720 HD youtube videos at once with no issues. Right now i have photoshop and dreamweaver cs4 with SBE and 4 safari windows at the same time smoothly.
  3. robochan

    Printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

    Are you using your MH for contour cutting? I want to start doing printed stuff for my race kart but dont want to spend $1000+ on another cutter just to contour cut.
  4. robochan

    over cut

    How can i over cut in sign blazer? Also what should my blade offset be with stock MH721 blade?
  5. robochan

    over cut

    Ok thanks for letting me know.
  6. robochan

    over cut

    So can SBE overcut?
  7. robochan

    need wolves for mascot please

    My school uses this as theirs. I did a quick vector of it. wolf.SBD wolf.SBD
  8. robochan

    My shop truck :)

    Looks great. How much HP are you putting down? I really want a evo or wrx.
  9. robochan

    Epson 1100 workforce question

    Can i print longer than 19"? I want to do long prints for my kart body and wanted to know is this can do it.
  10. with windows 7 you can search through your computers and find what you need.
  11. I dont have very much but i got a toshiba 250gb portable hard drive i keep everything in folders in that. I keep it by category then by numbers. So like animals, hunting, racing then racing 1 2 3...
  12. robochan

    over cut

    Wow you are fast. Thank you i will try that.
  13. Can i use joomla and virtuemart with dreamweaver cs4 or do they make whole sites? What is a good way to build a store in dreamweaver? I am very new to this. Thank you, Chandler PS i love your web site and would be happy if i could make one half as nice.
  14. robochan

    Reg marks & clear tape

    I just used rectangle reg. marks and after i app. tape them, i cut the tape off right around the reg. marks. You just like up the 2 edges of the rectangles. I hope that made some sense.
  15. robochan

    Clean Cut Blades - WOW

    Sorry for simple question. What's the 60 degree blade do? I use 70 pressure with my refine.
  16. robochan

    I need help with this Using SBE

    I need this to look good.
  17. robochan

    I need help with this Using SBE

    Thank you so much.
  18. robochan

    I need help with this Using SBE

    This is as far as i can get. I cant select or change colors. Please help
  19. robochan

    Has anyone tried the new GreenStar Matte Black Vinyl?

    I have used 8 colors, including matte black, of green star and i like it very much. I have made some really small stuff with it and it weeds no problem. I make go kart graphics and have only used red, black, orange and white. They applied nice and have had no problems. Has anyone used the greenstar clear app. tape? I was thinking of trying that next.
  20. robochan

    What font

    I cant vectorize this in SBE so i need to find out what font.
  21. robochan

    How to layer numbers and words

    Thanks so much!!! i know how to do the drop shadow thing but thats what i needed.
  22. robochan

    How to layer numbers and words

    I am new and did a seach but could not find anything. How do you make layerd numbers and words? When i make a number biger and the second one smaller they dont look right. I want to make 3 4 layer numbers and a 2 2 layer names. Thanks, Chandler Roe
  23. robochan

    More from the last couple weeks

    My dad always said guns need ammo.
  24. robochan

    Race Car Designs

    This is great just what i want to do. Dose anyone happen to have any go kart templates