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  1. vinyl newbie

    printing from corel 4x

    thanks, actually if I get this working, I will be an very very happy female. I have read the manual, I have printed out several different suggestions I have found here. I tried using the scpro in trail version until I can get all this sorted out. They sent me a code to download I tried downloading it and it said it had expired. Do you know how to contact them by phone? I can't find a phone # online and I sent an email to the person who contacted me after the sale, she told me to email support. Support has not answered my email. So frustrating
  2. vinyl newbie

    printing from corel 4x

    I just bought a laserpoint 3 weeks ago and thought I would be up and running that week. Wrong. I downloaded SignBlazer Element and I have only got it to print to the printer once. The rest of the time is will not go through. I try to cancel and it locks up. I can't cancel it through cnt-alt-delete. I have to turn off the computer. Soooooooo, I thought I would try the SignCut Pro but it says I am already registered and I can't get any further. I have emailed cutter w/o any response. Soooooo, my only other option is to try to get it to go through Corel Draw. I have found some post about this here but I can't seem it follow it. I have always pretty much been able to figure things out, but this makes me feel so stupid. Does anyone have any suggestions besides selling the machine.