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  1. tammylynn49459

    SB cutting in reverse like mirror image

    My Sign blazer is cutting the same way, and when it completes my cutter is "waiting". I have uninstalled and re downloaded sign blazer with the same problem.
  2. My Sign Blazer is cutting backwards and when rotate across vinyl is checked it cuts up/down. I have uninstalled sign blazer and re downloaded it, with the same result. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. tammylynn49459

    Distorted images in inkscape

    when using clipart or decals in inkscape my straight letters are getting distorted and not coming out as the go in. any ideas?
  4. tammylynn49459

    One End Cutting, not the other end

    Ok, have tried both those things......Still cutting at one end deeper than the other. I'm not sure what to try next, I appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you.
  5. i have a Creations PCut 24", it is cutting better at one end than it is the other end. Can someone help me? I need to know how to fix the problem, because one end cuts through and the other end i have to finish cutting through with an exacto knife.
  6. tammylynn49459

    Heat Press For Sweat Pants

    Do I need a special heat press for doing sweat pants or will my 15x15 work? I have a possible order for pants. I appreciate all the help i have gotten on previous questions, that's why I ask the experst.
  7. tammylynn49459

    Printers for Shirt Press

    I appreciate all the help, with printers. Now I'm gonna ask one more time for some help.....Sorry. Does anyone know what kind of paper I use with a home printer to press shirts?
  8. tammylynn49459

    Printers for Shirt Press

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate the help.
  9. tammylynn49459

    Printers for Shirt Press

    I was wondering about home printers, we need to buy one to make our own transfers. And does anyone know the best paper to use for that also?
  10. tammylynn49459

    Printers for Shirt Press

    We're trying to find a good quality printer to make transfers for shirts. Can anyone tell me the best printer to use?
  11. tammylynn49459

    Help cutting stencils

    I have SignBlazer how do I get it to cut stencils? I need to have inside and outside stencil for paint.
  12. tammylynn49459

    John Deere Tractor

    I just need a silhouette of a john deere tractor of a friend of mine. Anyone know where I can find one? HELP PLEASE!!!
  13. tammylynn49459

    Help!! Need licence plate blanks

    Thanks very much, order from signwarehouse. Awesome.
  14. tammylynn49459

    Help!! Need licence plate blanks

    Does anyone know where I can get cheap, blank plates from? I am in need of some A.S.A.P. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. tammylynn49459

    Need some black bear graphics

    Thanks for the graphics. It's not what my guy wants but I may use it for myself. Thank you.