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  1. Sue2

    Any guesses?

    Find my font... Concielian Bold (Bold) (Free at Dafont) Sue2
  2. Do you all enlarge the size of the imprint/graphics for the larger size t-shirts? Say...XXL - 4X If you do, do you charge more for the larger imprint size? TIA Sue2
  3. Thanks WG for the Siser Metalic review! I was able to cancel it since it hadn't been shipped yet. BUT, don't know if I would order from that "Nation" again. I placed my order on 9/2...a partial shipment (luckily without the Metallic) wasn't shipped till 9/6 and won't arrive here until 9/10. Yes, I had a 10% off coupon and free shipping so the savings was worth it....but I would have liked to be cutting this shirt order this weekend. I had added the Metallic as a there any Metallic that holds up?
  4.!!! I just ordered some of the Siser Silver Metal! Sue2
  5. If you are that busy you should be putting some aside for upgrading your equipment. If you are that busy and do not have extra to set aside you are probably charging too little for what you are producing. Just my 2 cents. Sue2
  6. Sue2

    651 not sticking to stainless steel?

    And it shows up better too!
  7. Sue2

    Any help with this script?

    Find My Font says: Amplify Personal Use Only (Regular) at Dafont Sue2
  8. It's the difference between: Just spending money and spending money wisely............. Sue2
  9. Sue2

    Overlapping lines in cursive text

    Did you convert to curves first? Sue2
  10. Sue2

    Reverse Vinyl

    Most all of your VINYLS are UV protected...the problem is the adhesive which would be facing the outside/sun. The adhesive would have to be specially made to stand up to the UV...I don't know of any. Sue2
  11. Sue2

    Somr gave all flag needed Please

    "Would any one have a good high res image of this eagle? I need to print it out in large format on my versacamm. Thanks" did originally ask for a copy of the file to print....not how to locate the copyright owner. Sue2
  12. Sue2

    Time to Upgrade Cutter

    If you are seriously looking at long-term...then Graphtec is your best choice. None of us like to learn the ins & outs of new equipment. We are all faster and more comfortable with equipment we have used for a while... so looking at another upgrade 2 years down the road isn't practical. Invest in your TIME .......spend the extra now and be done with it Sue2
  13. Sue2

    Banner Printer

    I've been happy with Signs 365. Sue2
  14. Sue2

    Any help getting these able to be cut?

    Someone may happen to have this badge already in vector...but there are many variations of is one variation: Also has several badges available in vector. As for the font...Intrique Script is very would need to adjust the "B"