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  1. Don't forget to MIRROR-MIRROR-MIRROR your graphics!!! Nothing worse than holding up your freshly cut & weeded design and realizing it is backwards! HTV is fun but a few more steps than regular vinyl...time intense but fun. Sue2
  2. Dosis (Medium) or Terminal Dosis (Medium) Another "Find My Font" find....a little program well worth purchasing. Sue2
  3. Well....I run a copy/print shop and we get hit-up frequently. What I have found the most reasonable reply is that I save my donations for those people/companies that do other business with me during the year. It's reasonable to support those who support you...... If I see a cause that I want to support I will make the offer to provide free or discounted tickets/items to help the cause. But they know in advance how much it would have cost them and we make up an invoice showing the regular retail cost of the items and then the dollar amount donated ......keep a copy of that in a file for your tax accountant. ***Every time you donate, write up a regular retail invoice and mark the donation as a separate line item showing the dollar amount discounted (again keep a copy for taxes). It all adds up. Sue2
  4. This is pretty close: LORIMER NO 2
  5. Well, hopefully they want a black imprint on the sharkskin grey shirts....... I would think my regular Siser will work for that. We shall see. Stahls Thermo-Film seems to be the choice for a white imprint though. Thanks for the info. Sue2
  6. HELP! So, my brother's office wants logo shirts for when they are out doing "Good Deeds" or at area fund raisers/events. Today they sent me a box full of grey Nike 100% Polyester DRY-FIT Polos and Ladies T's... ALSO, they have a very little bit of a stretch to them... Do I need a special heat press vinyl for these 100% polyester shirts? I KNOW I told them to send cotton or cotton content shirts!!!!! Last time I pressed a 100% poly shirt (didn't know it was poly) the black dye in the shirt bled into the bright orange vinyl and it now it is a muddy old rust color. TIA Sue2
  7. We have managed to get by with the aqueous prints by covering the outdoor stuff with a UV Laminate. Holds up well....the imprint colors outlast coroplast substrates. Attached is a picture of a sign I printed on our HP5500 wide format printer on coated adhesive stock with UV aqueous inks. I put the UV laminate on the top half to test the longevity of the inks and substrate. The sign was out in the full sun and weather for 3 years. The UV laminate really worked well for this. Sue2
  8. Here is your file with the Beyond the Mountains font laid over node editing has been done. It's very close but would need some manipulating to match the original. And yes, the Mopar Logo is available in vector on "Brands of the World" website. You will have to learn how to manipulate and node edit your text & graphics or you won't get very far in vinyl cutting. Sue2
  9. Yes, that is normal for some scans. That is why you ALWAYS try to find the font before creating a vector of text. Lots of "clean-up" needed on text scans. Sue2
  10. Looks like your script is "Beyond the Mountains" - manipulated and stretched some. Thanks again to "Find My Font" Sue2
  11. Thanks guys...I might try them next time someone wants a larger quantity of shirts. How do they hold up? Do they crack? Do they look like heat press or screen print? Sue2
  12. Hmmmm.....good idea to keep the business in house. Who does your transfers and what is their turn-around time?
  13. If the other guy is screen printing you won't be able to meet his price and make a profit. Hope the other work balances it off. Sue2
  14. Nice order! LOL...after making 30 two-sided heat press shirts you may not want to do any more! Hope you priced them to give you some "spending money". Sue2
  15. CDR files can contain vectors, text, jpg, png, pdf pieces, etc.... It's a graphic design program similar to Illustrator....I like it better and use it almost exclusively. The benefit I like most is that Corel stores the graphics/photos in the file outside links to get lost. Sue2