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  1. Sue2


    What's nice about Corel and Illustrator is they are not just vector design programs... you can work with raster, bitmaps, photos, etc and create posters, business cards, flyers too.
  2. Sue2


    I am sure there is a free download from Corel....but it would be the latest and most expensive version. If you search for CorelDraw X4, X5, X6...etc you will find disks for sale at varying prices.
  3. Sue2


    If you want to try a graphics design program without the "monthly rental fee", see if you can find an older CorelDraw disk to purchase. It's my "go to" program for design. I installed CorelDraw X4 on one of my Windows 7 computers and it works except it doesn't recognize some of the newer pdf files. I agree with WG...Illustrator has very steep learning curve. No matter what, you will need some kind of design program to create vectors.... you don't want to be continually paying someone else to do that.
  4. LOL.....the ultimate fix! Always my FIRST step.
  5. Sue2

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Assuming the full color photo is the same for all the shirts, you could outsource and stock the color decals and apply to the shirts yourself as needed. Sue2
  6. Don't know what your bow looked like to begin with so it's hard to tell you what to do. If it was a color outline of a bow you traced you will get a trace of that outline... some trace programs will give you the inside fill as white....some not. Try hand outlining the bow for your customer. Sue
  7. A quick fix: If you change the color of the "piece or pieces" you need, then go to CUT, you should be able to just cut that color. Sue2
  8. Sue2

    Need help on font

    Backstab Personal Use (Regular) at DaFont Compliments of Find My Font POOR PHOTO...too dark! Had to take it into Photoshop to increase the brightness & contrast.
  9. Sue2

    Any guesses?

    Find my font... Concielian Bold (Bold) (Free at Dafont) Sue2
  10. Do you all enlarge the size of the imprint/graphics for the larger size t-shirts? Say...XXL - 4X If you do, do you charge more for the larger imprint size? TIA Sue2
  11. Thanks WG for the Siser Metalic review! I was able to cancel it since it hadn't been shipped yet. BUT, don't know if I would order from that "Nation" again. I placed my order on 9/2...a partial shipment (luckily without the Metallic) wasn't shipped till 9/6 and won't arrive here until 9/10. Yes, I had a 10% off coupon and free shipping so the savings was worth it....but I would have liked to be cutting this shirt order this weekend. I had added the Metallic as a there any Metallic that holds up?
  12.!!! I just ordered some of the Siser Silver Metal! Sue2
  13. If you are that busy you should be putting some aside for upgrading your equipment. If you are that busy and do not have extra to set aside you are probably charging too little for what you are producing. Just my 2 cents. Sue2