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  1. Sue2

    Frosted Vinyls Question

    Thanks...I'll take a look.
  2. Sue2

    Frosted Vinyls Question

    Thank you...I had seen that one but was hoping for an easier solution. I doubt my customer would spring for that for the little they need. Sue2
  3. Sue2

    Frosted Vinyls Question

    I have a customer asking for a glass door decal in a frosted purple & green (grapes with leaves) Who makes the frosted (sandblast looking) vinyl in colors? Thanks! Sue2
  4. Sue2

    Need to know what this font is

    Not exact...but close Zebulon (Regular)
  5. Sue2

    anyone know this font?

    Find My Font says: Contrail One (Regular)
  6. Sue2

    Manipulate Text

    In CorelDraw it is called Text on a Curve or Fit Text to Path..
  7. Sue2

    Illustrator to VinylMaster

    Beware of customers bearing eps files! Just last week one of my customers sent me eps vector files for HTV on Hoodies... I was tickled...getting cut ready files seldom occurs. AND, of course, 3 out of 6 turned out to be raster images she brought into Photoshop and then saved as eps files. She had no idea she wasn't providing files I could cut. The best though was a few years ago...a t-shirt file that came in as an AI vector file...again, I was tickled...until I looked at the wireframe outlines. was a mess of pieces on top of pieces...see attached. Scarecrow came to my rescue on that one...welding & simplifying it for HTV.
  8. My first cutter was a LaserPoint 2 from US Cutter...that was in did the job well and I learned vinyl cutting on it. Forward a few years and I found a used GraphTec CE6000-60. Last weekend I was really impressed again with what this machine can do. My sister found a design online that she wanted on a had a lot of tiny dots, florals & curls. I had to trace the graphic, cut & apply. I was worried about the tiny detail in the floral graphic....BUT the GraphTec did an amazing job without a problem. Check out the attached photo...that's the tip of an Exacto knife. Sue2 Sue2
  9. Sue2

    School Bus help

    YES...running a copy/print shop, I deal with this all the time. Low resolution graphics & photos that customers expect to enlarge to posters, yard signs & banners! AND , of course, they usually don't have logos in EPS format....or have deleted some of "those" files because they "wouldn't open." I usually have to re-make the eps files or find the high resolution photos if possible. Merry Chritsmas! Sue2
  10. Opened in CorelDraw X7 but not in Inkscape.
  11. Sue2

    Little help please

    Sorry, Find My Font couldn't find it.
  12. Sue2

    Building a road

    Yup...that's how I did it too in Corel. I picked an S that was an even width....converted to curves and drew a yellow line where I needed it... then centered & spaced it by the nodes. S_Road-1.eps
  13. Sue2


    A special THANKS to all who take the time to help here on this forum! Sue2
  14. ALSO in order to keep the proportions of your art, be sure the little lock to the right of the item measurements is locked not open.
  15. Really, relax, you'll get it.... in a few months you will look back and laugh at your journey here!