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  1. I use CorelDraw as my go-to graphics program(easier than AI).....BUT my simple version of Corel X4 would not recognize your file. I had to open it in Illustrator and re-save. Then it would open in my Corel......edited it from there.
  2. Here it is....but you need to learn to do this wasn't difficult. CraneOpr-2.svg
  3. The advantage of heat press over screen printing is the ability to cost effectively create in low quantities and individual designs/names.
  4. I would suggest you look into a package which includes a heat press....the kids would love designing their own t-shirts too!
  5. Thank you...just what I needed!
  6. I have a customer looking for fluorescent or neon lettering (yellow or green). Any suggestions on where to check for this? TIA Sue
  7. Sue2

    Font ID

    Thanks for the conserve time I checked those too and nothing came close enough. It's a door logo replacement that measures 27" I wanted it to match the other doors. I already traced it.....wasn't too time just takes patience!
  8. Sue2

    Font ID

    Thanks for trying...I guess I'll have to trace it!
  9. Sue2

    Font ID

    Anyone have an idea of what font this is? Find-My-Font couldn't identify it. TIA Sue
  10. Sue2

    What font is this?

    It's a logo...check out "RUBICON" on
  11. Sue2

    Magnet rounder/slicer

    I use a Crop-A-Dile too........Does both 1/4" & 1/2" corners. Ran about $25
  12. I have a customer who wants to make t-shirts with his business logo for resale in his shop. He doesn't want to order a large quantity...just replace the shirts as they sell. His logo is full color so I am looking for a recommendation on where to get the full color heat press transfers. Thanks! Sue2
  13. Sue2

    Cutting script text

    Depending on what graphic programs you're using, you need to combine or weld the text before cutting. Make a copy first as you usually cannot "unweld". AND I usually look at the spacing before I weld the text and adjust any letters that are not spaced well. Sue2
  14. Sue2

    What font?

    Looks mostly like: Radiant ExtraCondensed Medium (Regular) This is close too...and free... Altitude (Altitude)