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  1. Sue2

    Design Space in Cricut

    Not many of us have any experience using the home craft cutters ( Cricut, Silhouette, Brother) or their programs so it's hard to answer your question.
  2. Sue2

    White Vinly Turned Yellow

    I agree with Dakota... Years ago one of my first heat press t-shirts was for Halloween. I made a great bright orange pumpkin design on a black looked great........until the next day the orange had turned rust color. The shirt was 100% polyester. The vinyl was an unknown manufacturer. I still have that shirt hanging up to remind me to check the material content and the vinyl. Sue
  3. Sue2

    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    WG, I'd be interested in one of those too! I usually use an Xacto. Most tweezers I have tried get bent tips after a bit. Sue
  4. I usually try for 10" to 10.5" wide for a regular t-shirt logo imprint.......BUT recently I have been getting a bunch of shirts that are 2X, 3X and even a couple 6X. Do you all expand the design a bit to make it take up a little more space? I realize we are limited to the heat press platen size but I have a 16x20" press so that is not an issue for me....although those 6X shirts are HUGE! I suspect these larger imprints should cost more....25% larger...25% more cost. Thanks for any suggestions/input. Sue2
  5. Sue2

    Help with this one

    That's a good one for t-shirt lettering.
  6. Sue2

    Need a font suggestion

    Thanks Goose...that's the one.....I never thought to look in the "Fancy" font category! Sue
  7. Sue2

    Need a font suggestion

    I need some suggestions for the font pictured below... My customer used a free online logo app to create their logo and this is the text they used.... Now they want t-shirts and I need to find a font that looks similar and can be cut & pressed...... I've come up with nothing that has that distressed/movement look. Any suggestions??? BTW....the whole "logo" was about 4" x 4" and 72 dpi...that's what you get for FREE! TIA............Sue2
  8. Didn't stop to think ahead when I designed this....each shirt took 20 minutes to weed! No profit there! It's okay to use for printing but not for heat press work. Thankfully I only needed to make 3. Really don't want to use it again. LOL...Sue
  9. Sue2

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    I will definately try the Port shirts next time.....but, I use Gildan mostly because I can always run to the Hobby stores to get "a few more" when my customers miscount or under count their needs.
  10. Sue2

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    I'll try those...mostly this lot is for a charity event and they don't care much as long as it lasts the day!!
  11. Sue2

    Who is your GOTO for Shirts

    I just placed an order at SanMar for white Gildan Heavy 100% cotton t-shirts the basic sizes were on sale $1.76 each. Always check the SALE tab.
  12. Find My Font found these two.... NYTCheltenhamBdCon (Regular) Gloucester MT Extra Condensed (Regular) ************************************************ Sue2
  13. Sue2


    Here is one of the all silhouettes files.
  14. Sue2

    My daughter wants a T shirt

    Been there...done that.....way too many times. I get so involved with how it looks and fits that I completely forget to MIRROR the image.
  15. Sue2

    My daughter wants a T shirt

    The hobby/craft stores sell small pieces for the craft cutters. They stock a lot of colors & textures. Just make sure it is HTV and not sign vinyl! The packaging looks very similar. Sue2