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  1. I have a customer who wants to make t-shirts with his business logo for resale in his shop. He doesn't want to order a large quantity...just replace the shirts as they sell. His logo is full color so I am looking for a recommendation on where to get the full color heat press transfers. Thanks! Sue2
  2. Sue2

    Cutting script text

    Depending on what graphic programs you're using, you need to combine or weld the text before cutting. Make a copy first as you usually cannot "unweld". AND I usually look at the spacing before I weld the text and adjust any letters that are not spaced well. Sue2
  3. Sue2

    What font?

    Looks mostly like: Radiant ExtraCondensed Medium (Regular) This is close too...and free... Altitude (Altitude)
  4. Sue2

    Should I get a heat press?

    If you can manage it, get a 16 x 20". They allow for the larger imprint sizes... Frequently I am pressing 2X & 3X shirts...... to look right you need to enlarge the logo/graphic to fill the shirt. A 16" x 20" press can usually handle it in one pressing. Sue2
  5. Makes you feel real secure...................
  6. Sue2

    Need font help please

    You will have to fill-in/touch up the letters for any font recognition program to be of help.
  7. Sue2

    Need Help Identifying Font

    Looks like Infinite Stroke stretched out a bit.
  8. Sue2

    Rush vintage?

    Find My Font is well worth purchasing! Saves lots of time searching. It even looks in the fonts on your computer to see if you have it already installed.
  9. Sue2

    Rush vintage?

    Find My Font says: Dopestyle (Regular) It's free on Dafont
  10. Sue2

    I know it's probably something easy...

    Recreate it as best you can with whichever font is the closest. We are probably over-thinking this....our customers rarely notice the slight differences we agonize over! LOL.
  11. Sue2

    I know it's probably something easy...

    I noticed that and I believe the "P" is a different font. I assumed she was looking for the other lettering....not just the "P".
  12. Sue2

    I know it's probably something easy...

    No perfect match here....Clarendon, Centurion Old or Bodoni MT Condensed Bold is about as close as I can get. They are outlined so that will make them look a bit different.
  13. Sue2

    New PC needed

    Recently I had a local Computer Business build a computer tower to my requirements... he did it at half the price of an online offer...check around! It may work for you. I already had keyboard & monitor. Sue
  14. Sue2

    Can't find this one...

    Yes...there were a bunch that look very similar to this one... I think we are our own worst enemies ... we try to make designs/text exactly like the original... when in truth, our customers wouldn't usually notice the "fine points" we obsess over!!! LOL