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  1. Sue2

    need a different font

    Try Kimberley Alternate (Regular *Oblique)
  2. Sue2

    REMOVABLE VINYL ON BANNERS??? works to an extent...
  3. Sue2


    I've thought of that...and it MAY just work. Only problem there is that they probably won't do a good job of removing the residue and I'll be left with a semi-sticky surface....and have to go over it anyway. Thanks all
  4. Sue2


    Has anyone tried the removable vinyl on banners? Does it stay on well? Will it come off easily after being outside in the sun/weather for over a month? I have a local group that wants to have banners they can change the beneficiary each year for a Rummage Sale they hold. We already change the dates each year ...but even that little bit is always some work to remove the numbers and also the sticky residue left behind. Don't think I want to replace a bunch much more lettering with regular vinyl....unless the removable will work well. Thanks for any advice! Sue2
  5. Sue2

    Need Font Help Please

    Nope, didn't do a thing to make your text better...FMF had no problem recognizing the letters.
  6. Sue2

    Need Font Help Please

    Find My Font says: Tenby Four (Regular Bold)
  7. Sue2

    Advice regarding software and maybe hardware what quantity do you move to plastisol transfers? Do you have a favorite provider for these? Thanks, Sue2
  8. Sue2

    CorelDraw 2019 (Mac?)

    Well maybe Corel rewired my brain because I don't care for AI. I have VM CUT and find it very similar to Corel. Sue2
  9. Sue2

    CorelDraw 2019 (Mac?)

    Goose...if you can master AI, then Corel should be a snap. In my opinion Corel is much easier to work with and is my "Go to" program. Sue2
  10. Sue2

    Font help please

    Mostra Nuova (Bold)
  11. Sue2

    Font request

    Me too! So, for future readers, what font is that?
  12. Sue2

    It's the 1st of the month..

    Speaking of back ups...What programs are you all using for auto back-ups? I would sure like to find one that will back up automatically every night. TIA Sue2
  13. Sue2

    any help with this one?

    Too tiny a sample to get a good match but..... Swirly capitals look like Revalina with some altering.
  14. Sue2

    Frosted Vinyls Question

    Thanks...I'll take a look.
  15. Sue2

    Frosted Vinyls Question

    Thank you...I had seen that one but was hoping for an easier solution. I doubt my customer would spring for that for the little they need. Sue2