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  1. Help with graphic to be digitized

    Good job....most of us can't do it that well fully awake! Sue2
  2. You need to get "Find My Font"! It's better than the online freebies. AddCityboy (Normal)
  3. Text to Shape

    Sorry, don't know about VM but here's a tutorial for Illy: Maybe search for warp text to a shape. Sue2
  4. HELP!

    Snickers Straight (Normal) Squished down a bit.
  5. What the "H" ?

    Thank you..........."Find My Font" is amazing at times!
  6. What the "H" ?

    Looks like a modified version of: OPTICommercial-Script (Regular)
  7. heat press

    Don't listen to that person again! Dave's video is good...shows how to do it well. Sue2
  8. heat press

    After cutting and weeding, are you peeling the Heat Press Vinyl off the clear transfer sheet before pressing? You should be pressing with the transfer sheet on and peel it off after pressing. Sue2

    Check around your local craft supply shops (and online) to see what THEY are charging... Begin your pricing with that and also consider: 1. YOU are providing colors they don't carry 2. YOU are hopefully offering a better grade vinyl.... 3. PLUS instant shipping either. 4. AND, the purchaser is using you instead of keeping stock onhand All that is worth a bit extra. Sue2
  10. Old Cascade

    You might try Machine Script Regular or Futura Scrip tEF (Regular *Oblique) They are both close and with some node editing may work.
  11. What's this Font

    Venus Rising...... Find My Font did it again!

    We all pray you and yours stay safe and secure....keep us advised if you can. Sue2
  13. Help Identifying a Font!!

    Find My Font says City Bold Oblique Sue2
  14. USMC Logo

    It opened fine for me...what program are you trying to open it with? It is probably much too detailed for a "leather stamp". Sue2
  15. New Member and needing guidance

    You may be better off at first partnering with someone who already has the equipment and expertise and can supply these items.....leaving you to spend your time doing what you do best. This would allow you to determine if this would a be cost effective addition to your services without putting out money for equipment and spending time learning the garment imprinting ropes. If things work out well, you will know what equipment they use and you can then decide if you want to dive in. Just my two cents...... Sue2