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  1. Dave is right....unless you are just putting text onto the shirts you will need to learn how to make your own graphics and how to trace photo files and logos. Many small companies do not have their logos in vector files. Main colors: White, black, yellow, blue, red & green.....ladies like pink...... Also stock up on the "local" school and team colors. Plus silver and gold. Sue2
  2. Here's the eps sheriffs-badge.eps
  3. Nice job! & Nice rendering skarekrow! Sue2
  4. Well I do logos frequently.....I like the red one links the produce to the land. The top two are nothing unusual. The middle left looks like a dog tag and the one next to it looks like an engraved plaque. The bottom left looks like a car grill. Just my 2 cents. Sue2
  5. We aren't a sign shop...this is an add-on to our print/copy business. We have managed to get by with the aqueous prints by covering the outdoor stuff with a UV Laminate. Holds up well....the imprint colors outlast the coroplast substrate. Attached is a picture of a sign I printed up and only put the UV laminate on the top half. The sign was out in the full sun and weather for 3 years. The UV laminate really did its job.
  6. My 12 year old HP wide format DesignJet printer is down and we are waiting on parts/repair quote. Can anyone recommend a good wholesale supplier for prints, mostly we use adhesive backed vinyl and apply to coroplast or foamcore for medium/small indoor & outdoor signs. Occasionally I need some simple paper prints on a heavy weight stock. They don't have to be fine-arts quality...just good prints. ALSO, depending on the repair estimate, I may be looking to replace the printer... what's out there that is similar? We don't need one with 10-12 inks....the 6 we have now is plenty for the type of prints we provide. We have been using the aqueous UV inks. TIA...Sue2
  7. You'll have to come up with a better contrast than that then.
  8. Gochi Hand (Regular) Thanks to Find My Font!
  9. This what you're looking for? BTW...your yellow droplet is made of several pieces. Sue2 Leaf-Simple.eps
  10. A few years back I had a back-up fail S**gate storage drive. Phoned them to see if there was anything I could do. They wanted $600 to recover the files....or I could purchase a program from them to do this for $99. Well, long-story-short, I did get the program and it ran for about 24 hours...... but it did recover a good 90% of the files. So, maybe a phone call to complain about the back-up failure will help you. Sue2
  11. Well...the forum sheriffs have removed the bandit text & link! Thanks! Sue2
  12. Just Blatant Advertising....................
  13. Yes...I was definitely thinking USA "Beefy" ;-)
  14. Does look nice and clean.... only thing I would question is the cow...looks like a dairy cow... not a meat/beef type. Sue2