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  1. cox signs

    need some advice

    can someone recomend a nice font to use on a fire truck ? thanks
  2. i have been doing a lot of race car lettering lately. im dooing three right now anf i need to put some kind of logo on there for my self im stuck can not come up with anything for my own company lol why is that? well if any one can help me i just want it to say something like race decals by Signs & Designs Kokomo Indiana anyone care to help me out thanks jason
  3. cox signs

    Lil Red Express Truck Logo

    get a freaking life axx hole i had this long before it was ever on here if you spent as much time worrying about as your self as you are me you might get more done so piss on all you grow up
  4. cox signs

    vector magic program

    is it any good ? anybody using it ?
  5. cox signs

    anyone have this

    im looking for this font if anyone can help me out thanks Balmoral Script
  6. cox signs

    anyone have this

    thank you
  7. cox signs

    guestion on a fire truck

    i got a job to do for a local fire dept. they want gold leaf vinyl. does anyone know where i can buy this from thanks
  8. cox signs

    little help needed please

    perfect thanks jay you are the man
  9. cox signs

    little help needed please

    i need to make this logo in eps can anyone help please? all i need is the text with the flags thanks in advance
  10. cox signs

    wondering ?

    if spending your friday night at home alone, drinking beer and working on customers orders is bad ?
  11. cox signs

    help needed bad

    everythimg on my screen is turned 90 deg what happened i dont know how to get it back thanks
  12. cox signs

    help needed bad

    ha ha thanks for the help i got it funny thing is i did turn the monitor at first so could see it thanks for the help
  13. yeah i ran into this same thing have to keep it off center
  14. cox signs

    church sign

    well here it is after a some help by others on this forum here is the end result 4'x8' on white acrylic sign panels
  15. cox signs

    how to ?

    du im a idiot i got it
  16. cox signs

    how to ?

    i need to join these two objects so it cuts as one i tried combine and weld but no luck can anyone help me out ? thanks
  17. cox signs

    looking for

    thats perfect thanks
  18. cox signs

    looking for

    not sure what this is called maybe holly leaves? anyone got anything like this ? thanks
  19. cox signs

    need somethig like this

    can anyone help me out here ?
  20. cox signs

    need somethig like this

    can anyone do anything with this ? thanks in advance
  21. cox signs

    Shinrite WARNING!

    good old brake paarts cleaner take that glur right off and will not hurt the paint and if you use alot i makes you feel a little gooffy. lol
  22. cox signs

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    man grow up and get over it already
  23. cox signs

    vector magic program

    yeah i know that is what has me a little worried
  24. cox signs

    vector magic program

    well there is a member here signman trying to sell me a copy for $20 jut a little worried seems awful cheap says is a legal copy thinking about trying it has anyone ever dealt with this person ?
  25. cox signs

    Tinker bell with wand graphics request please

    here is the one i have