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    vinyl peeling

    So I installed a decal yesterday to the top front windshield of a truck. I did this with white Orcal 651. It wasn't cold yesterday but it was over cast. I get a message this morning that some of the letters is falling off. They sent me a pic. It started raining sometime during the night and the windshield wipers pulled off some of the letters this morning. Do you have any suggestions on why they would have peeled? This was my first windshield. I have installed on back glass with a wiper without problems. May the glue did not have time to adhere well enough? I will be replacing but for future reference I don't want this to happen again. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  2. kboyte

    vinyl peeling

    thanks Jaybird, I will be redoing it soon. I cleaned with alcohol but will be getting some Purple power to clean with also.
  3. kboyte

    vinyl peeling

    thank you all for your responses. I will check the rain-x issue then move to a higher grade vinyl if needed. I don't keep over 651 in stock because its more expensive and I have never had and issue before although I have never installed on the front windshield always the back and I don't think people put rain-x on the back too much.
  4. kboyte

    blank sign material

    Where is the best place to buy blank sign material. I do this on the side and have had several requests todo larger signs than I've ever done. Most places require a Tax ID or resell #. Does anyone know a place that sells larger pieces of materals? thanks
  5. I have a MH series cutter and started having problems with the blade. It doesn't seem to keep the pressure that I set it on. I used to cut at 40-50 pressure but now it will cut a sample piece fine but when I cut the design its like it looses the pressure then I can't weed the design. I have changed to a new blade but still didn't work. I have not logged a ticket has anyone else had this problem? Looking forward to hearing your experiences. Thanks in advance. Kim
  6. Was u having the problem with the blade looses pressure? I'm having this issue now. Please let me know if this zchip worked for sure and do u have any left ! I have a MH721.
  7. Wow! All these high speeds. I never have cut over 20-24. I'm gonna have to try these faster speeds.
  8. I am wanting to replace my laptop that is about to die with a Windows Surface PRo 2. Does anyone know if the signblazer program will work from a tablet? or if it runs on Windows 8?
  9. kboyte

    signblazer and Windows Surface

    Thanks. I'm wanting a surface for other things too. Just wanted to see if I would be able to run SB on it. Thanks for the responses.
  10. I've had trouble pricing these as well. I usually do $15 for one sided one color. $20 for two sided one color and up from that. I don't get request for these very often thank goodness. I have applied on both sides with out a under layer. I've never noticed that the back side shows thru. People kinda look at you funny when you price something like that and they see signs along the road that says"signs like this just $.99 each). Hell, I pay that for the coroplast not including the stake.
  11. kboyte

    National Beta Club

    Does anyone have the National Beta Club vector? There is not a good logo on the internet to vectorize. Can it even be used on a shirt for a local school Beta Club? thanks in advance Kim
  12. kboyte

    National Beta Club

    thank you so much. it is perfect!
  13. kboyte

    fighting tigers

    I like this. Would you share your file?
  14. kboyte

    math clock

    I love the clock. I'll have to make one for end of school gift for my son's math teacher.
  15. kboyte

    Power Lineman

    thanks. grabbed them.
  16. Hi everyone, Just wanted to get everyones opinion on the Sunie Heatpress. I was reading some posts on here and several people seemed have very good luck with them. I am doing heat transfers from proworld and heat press vinyl. I also looked at the press with several attachments. Are these machines worth the money? I have a press now but it is not digital nor do I think it has even pressure. I would like to upgrade but not wanting to spend $1000.00 but then again I want to make sure what I do buy will press transfers from proworld correctly. thanks for any input. Kim
  17. kboyte

    A couple tile projects

    very cute idea. What are the smaller tiles? Can u buy them that size? thank Kim
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    I love it. Too bad Halloween is over now or I would have done one. Would you mind sharing your .eps file for this? thanks Kboyte
  20. I need some buttons made that say "Ask me where to get a mammogram!". Does anyone make buttons any more? I will need about 25-50. Please email or call kboyteus@yahoo.com 318-381-0501 with price. Thanks Kim B
  21. kboyte

    Buzz lightyear and Woody

    thanks, I grabbed them also.
  22. kboyte

    help with welding letters--if possible

  23. I need help or instruction on welding the letters STATE CHAMPS in the banner. When I cut this with my cutter it is cutting out the outline in the banner. I am wanting it to combine the outside of the letters to the banner and only cut out the inside of the letters. Hope this is not too confusing. Thanks Kim state champs.EPS state champs.EPS
  24. kboyte

    help with welding letters--if possible

    Here is another copy that I have worked on. I started over, outlined and welded. When I used Corel weld it welded everything was black. No white on the State Champs. I got it to work correct (I think) in signblazer. Let me know how this looks or do I still have double lines and broken lines. thanks for any help Kim state champs.EPS state champs.EPS