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  1. Hi. I got it to work by eliminating the Keyspan adapter and running just the USB cord from cutter to my Mac. I now see my cutter when I click on the cutter drop down menu. It seems to be working for now, but there was a reason I went with the Keyspan adapter as it was making cleaner cuts.
  2. Hello. I just upgraded from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5 and my cutter (Creation PCut CT630) will not cut. I downloaded the latest SignCut software (1.96 Mac), all previews fine in SignCut, but once I click "CUT", nothing happens. I searched for a new driver but couldn't find any. Any ideas? Thank you
  3. pitlik

    New Imac and Laserpoint 24 Does not work

    Hi Kimon, I got your email. Thank you I tried to use the link you provided me with, but that came up with an error page. I emailed you again. As for the device selected, that is the only dev/...from the 3 options it gives me, another thanks
  4. pitlik

    New Imac and Laserpoint 24 Does not work

    Hi Thanks Kimon, email sent
  5. pitlik

    New Imac and Laserpoint 24 Does not work

    Hi, 1st post here. I had an older Powerbook w/ SignCut for OS 10.4., with Keyspan...finally got it working great. Then my comp crapped out, and I upgraded to a new Imac. With it came OS 10.5 something....and I had to download the new version (Sign Cut Pro) for 10.5. Well, it all downloaded fine and looked like I could import and such, but I was never able to communicate w/ the cutter. I emailed their support staff, and now when I open the program, I get a message that it's running in TEST MODE! I go under help to insert what the support staff tells me is my serial #, and when I click "next", it doesn't do anything. Anyone have this issues or has been been able to get past this? Getting an answer from the support staff takes a few days (Sweden I think), and is usually not very useful at all. Any idea what the "internet proxy" is all about? Those fields are black when I click it, but I have internet running, so I think I'm fine. Any help would seriously kick butt. Thanks