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    4'' x 4' Snow Plowing signs

    As the space on this style of sign is limited and the most important part of the message is the service offered along with contact info; perhaps you'd do well to design a simple unique logo that can be associated with your truck and plowing business and then add it to the top. For the DIY, the example you brought to this forum can be powerful; for the sign guy attempting to make a go at it, it offers little potential profit alone. Welcome to the forum, hope you hang around after buying a cutter.
  2. edge

    3M Scotchcal Marking Film

    It is also designed with a stiffness that one might equate with aging vinyl. I know of at least one worldwide company that uses it this time of year for temporary ICC printed placard to mark seasonal rental delivery vehicles. In another four weeks it'll still be easy to peel off all in one piece. I imagine they use a sublimation ink to print on it, but not certain.
  3. If you are using Cutting Master II for the cuts, I have found Corel X3 to be versatile, simple to learn and easy to bridge to the Cutting Master. Honestly it has been so long since I've opened the simple design software Graphtec includes that I've forgotton it's name.
  4. edge

    Announcing Sure Cuts A Lot Pro

    On My XP OS, Signcut experienced what you describe as happening with SCALP so long as any remnants of SignBlazer or Graphtec Cutting Master files remained on the hard drive. Could that be your case also?
  5. edge

    Mt Rushmore

    Jeeez...you guys must spend all week mowing if your backyards are that big!
  6. Is that the ratcheting blade holder assembly that one disposes in it's entirety when the blade is no longer usable? While I have not used anything like that, I understand it will work. I hesitate to link to another seller other than US Cutter here, but if one does a search for SGS Silhouette Metal Blade Holder they will find an adjustable metal blade holder for $29 that uses common GraphTec .9mm blades
  7. edge

    Which version to get ?

    A quick search reveals X6 to be selling on average for almost 3 times the price of X3. While there may very well be enhancements available in X6 that I'm most certainly missing out on. I just don't see any valid reason to spend more than X3 costs, as it's always done what I've needed it to do. Then again perhaps someone else would need more?
  8. First thing I did several years ago was replace the silly plastic CraftRobo colored cap blade holder with an Accucut blade holder for conventional blades with with true adjustable depth. While I haven't seen this brand advertised anywhere recently, there are similar set-ups on ebay for even less. Have you considered this?
  9. edge

    Hello from South Dakota!

    Guess the world's smaller than it seems. Just spent several days trashing around Rapid City, Keystone, & Deadwood the tail end of August. Had not seen the Copic Air Brush System prior to this thread; is it resistant to scaling or scratching from vinyl and or UV fading exposure? http://www.4651feeder.com/vacation2012.htm
  10. What constitutes being a long time member?
  11. edge

    Shipping Iron On Decals

    If the customer is fully capable of ironing the project to their own fabric, why not allow them to weed it themselves? I recently cut a large multicolor boat graphic for a friend on the cheap and upon realizing the size dictated more than two hands to layer, I delivered it to him in the raw and offered to help with the layering. His sister had already intended to help him install the graphics and he assured me they were capable of assembling the project colors. It was then that I realized that with something like a large transom graphic naming the boat, some people WANT to be involved in the project as much as possible to take pride in the finished product.
  12. Well then I've just learned something. I would have thought until a signal to the board for the X axis had been confirmed; it would have been even money of either hardware or software corruption.
  13. At this point what has led you to conclude the problem is most certainly one related to hardware and not software?
  14. This is a one time shot for my own vehicle. Have intentions of purchasing a 12" X 72" piece of 3M 8 mil film off of Amazon to create some much needed rocker panel stone guards if I can ascertain the Copam will indeed cut this material in one pass with no issues? Then again I am also open to suggestions of other brand(s) easily available for a one time low volume purchase that might function as well for less?
  15. Haven't seen a LaserPoint up close in years, guess I thought they had a tension adjusting screw on their rollers? Here's my silly suggestion. Purchase 90 degree plastic corner trim and mirror tape from your local home improvement store, trim to fit and install to guide the carrier sheet much like your printer does in the paper feed tray.
  16. edge

    Corel Draw X3

    Have been using this for almost as long as I've been on this forum with bridging by various versions of SignCut to a Copam on a Windows XP laptop. If anything, to me it appears Corel X3 is better suited to my use than any other version when I read of compatibility issues others here may have experienced generally with different OS. If there have been any upgrades in features aside from perhaps menu access, I'm ignorant to them and perhaps that's for the best as I'm pleased with what X3 will do in spite of it being 7 years old.
  17. edge

    Printer for stickers???

    Have been using ImageStix (matt finish) to print decals on either an Epson pigmented or Dell color laser printer and then contour cutting. Pigmented shows signs of UV burnout after 6 months, laser held up somewhat better. Have sheets of 3M ControlTac (gloss finish) laying around here that I had been told were receptive to laser printing. Your post finally prompted me to test a sample today and I am extremely pleased with the visual result. When time permits I will make a small decal to test the UV durability on our vehicle. This approach won't suit everyone; but for those who watch their budget, it may be an acceptable alternative to consider. The Dell and ControlTac were given to us after a business shuttered their doors. They purportedly used this set-up to create exterior signage for their properties and vehicles; so I am hopeful this method has durabiliy.
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    Silhouette SD Help

    If an earlier attempt distorted upon enlarging, then it was likely a pixelated image, not a vector like an eps. would be. Does the Silhouette basic software work similar to CraftRobo where one can import a pixelated image (jpg, bmp, etc) and then create a cutting outline?
  20. edge

    Where to find free CDR files for T-shirt

    I see you specifically requested CDR files, which causes me to wonder; are you aware many other forms of vector files will easily import into Corel?
  21. Heck Yea.. I'm of the opinion you should purchase our slightly used CP2500 for even less than you anticipated spending and then if and when you have an epiphany that easy contour cutting is desired, you'll have the xtra leftover cash to purchase a machine that allows that; plus I can use the sale proceeds now to acquire a Graphtec..... it's a win win situtation I tell you. Then again maybe it's more of a pipedream than opinion ;(
  22. edge

    Blade help-copam 2500

    The new blade has a good edge and is the same dia and length? Disassemble the holder and check for small particles of vinyl that might interfer with the blade's movement. If all else fails....does the old blade perform the same if used again?
  23. I believe you had the answer in your question; transfer tape.
  24. edge

    Corel Draw X3 error

    When you refer to the menu in CorelDraw, do you mean the drop down menu which should display CuttingMaster, when you click on the launcher in top toolbar (rocket icon) ?
  25. edge

    Fed Ex dropped the ball

    Let me see if I understand this. FedEx misdelivered your one package causing delay of aprox 24 hours and in your opinion they should be required to take diciplinary action against the driver responsible at the least if not willing to fully compensate you for potential loss. Yet, you in turn errored with timeline misjudgement prior to having the raw material in hand, by prematurely giving the client a firm commitment for finished product delivery and everyone but yourself in this blunder is to blame? Is this how you presented it to the potential client?