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    Winchester cowboy design needed.

    Cause that's where it landed after the cowboy had fell off. Go ahead..... ask me why the chicken crossed the road, oh never mind. Ooops, I almost forgot this...... Cowboy with BFR.eps
  2. edge

    Fire truck gold leaf

    Looks good. As often as fire dept vehicles are washed, I'm curious what effect that has on vinyl longevity? There is a kennel nearby to us, who's owner apparently frequently used a care wash treatment with very caustic solution for road grime. Wish I had taken pics when the opportunity was there to show what can happen with the wrong combination of events after application.
  3. edge

    Another store front.

    Nice work , I'll look for it the next time I'm thru there; that's if I'm not still preoccupied with the overpass detour. Have you casually mentioned down at the other two places how nice the new signage looks at Leti's?
  4. edge

    What do you do when your not working?

    Oh geez, now you've all gone and made me feel lazy, cause I mostly just rest when I'm not working.
  5. edge

    Guitar I just did for a friend.

    From your description it almost sounds like a mylar product. Did this application affect the guitar's resonance?
  6. edge

    A couple over the bar mirrors

    I try to photograph a mirror thru the reflection of another mirror to produce the illusion of a portal to infinity. Then I'll spend what others might think of as far too much time focusing on the resultant image and daydreaming on any probability of that being undiscovered reality... or not. I like what you've done here with this project. But if that is the Union Jack, aren't the red diagonals supposed to terminate on the vertical side edge of the flag?
  7. When my 2.3 Ford Ranger starting smoking like that coming off the line, the mechanice told me he suspected it was a head gasket.
  8. If this stuff is the same texture as this http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/Facilities-Care-Cleaning-NA/commercial-cleaning/cleaning-supplies/~/3M-Safety-Walk-Slip-Resistant-General-Purpose-Tapes-and-Treads-610-Black-0-75-in-x-24-in-Tread-50-case?N=4294699826+6702276&&Nr=AND%28hrcy_id%3AGSBT72LF7Bgs_H244KZTF15_N2RL3FHWVK_GPD0K8BC31gv%29&rt=d > I've used this adhered to tongue depressors as DIY emery boards, which leads me to state I'd never consider cutting this with a plotter blade. Am I being overcautious?
  9. edge


    What are "DUKS" ?
  10. edge

    I love my facebook barcode

    Your image is inverted, is it designed for inside application of a transparent surface? I realize QR is indifferent to rotational orientation; have never tried reading an inverted image, does it still function?
  11. edge

    Any Pinstripers?

    Was set to buy a Beugler after watching a demostration at Oshkosh...then got cold feet and decided I could do what I wanted much cheaper with vinyl. The funny side to that story was I had a Classic Rodder chase me in traffic to find out who striped my fuel door, only to turn his nose up when it was revealed as cut vinyl. It may not have been good enough for him, but it is for me.
  12. Huh?...My grandparents used to burn tons of that stuff to heat their house.
  13. edge

    Vinyl decal question - please help

    All I know is for an old codger like me it gets awful confusing trying to follow a thread on subsequent visits when it is posted at multiple locations. My first true luv for traces was VectorMagic while still in development stage and free online.
  14. edge

    Do you watch American Pickers?

    You mean like how could the camera already be filming from within when they supposedly roll up on a cold call? An acquaintance recently encountered their van rolling down the interstate while she was on vacation, apparently Mike and Frank were also on vacation as she stated others were occupying the vehicle. Kinda makes me wonder if they've become such "icons" that they now find more expedient means of transport to location..
  15. edge

    Printing company Logo

    Another option is ImageStix; which is referred to as paper, but is actually a rubber resin based product. I have printed several full color pigmented ink stickers for an acquaintance's vehicle with no UV protection added and surprisingly after 10 months on a rear bumper, there is minimal fade.
  16. edge

    Issues applying vinyl to drum head.

    I have successfully removed glue from clear drum heads using starting fluid followed by household window cleaner.
  17. edge

    Dancing Hot Dog? Anything near that?

    Had a Presto hot dog cooker back in the seventies which cooked them by passing 110vac thru um, after finally realizing that was cruel and unusual, I haven't really enjoyed one since. Can I still git leukemia?
  18. edge

    Yard Sign Question(s)

    Yellow sign blanks helps to minimize light (sun) bleed through, but doesn't eliminate it entirely. In applications exposed to direct sunlight one approach I've used is to make one side a negative of the other, In other words lay a background of a dark color with light colored text on one side and dark text with raw coroplast on the other.
  19. edge

    Adhesive Cutting Mat?

    I too have been using the CriCut mat for several years; however the most recent one acts like they reformulated the adhesive and just does not want to give up the project when I attempt to seperate them. Am inclined to think the glue stick suggestion sounds appealing.
  20. If it is true as rumored that each 'cast member' on Storage Wars make $10,000 per episode, they are grossly overpaid based on the entertainment value they provide IMHO. Speaking of net worth, Willie and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty have some pretty impressive numbers from basically duck calls that aren't all that great when compared. Guess it's all in the marketing. From the one episode I've seen, Backyard Oil looks like it could be a good one.... but I digress.
  21. The important thang is the opinion of the one paying you approved of the end result.
  22. edge

    No Illegals plates

    Even the so called Native Americans immigrated. Hey speaking of.... Did I see the Potawatomi in SW Michigan are desecrating more open land near Dowagiac with another casino?
  23. edge

    Vinyl that sticks to metal

    I've seen a number of guys* shooting trap locally with various cut vinyl graphics added to both the firearm's furniture and receivers. The guys I shoot with and I have done some goofy things with what I've cut in the past.... but never have we done anything this goofy; honestly. Unless you have a weapon which experiences a good deal of rapid fire.... I'm telling ya, I've seen it work. Now I gotta ask, why would anyone wanna mark up a gun with vinyl graphics? The only explaination I've come up with is it started in the clubhouse bar as a joke about how hard it was to find their gun in the rack and got carried away from there? * Of the few women I see shooting trap, none would be caught with vinyl graphics on their guns.
  24. Yes and wouldn't it be great if everyone had $8500 to spend...... What the OP seeks is possible as long as they realize using their current set-up requires trade offs. Searching for vinyl sticker paper produces several products receptive to either laser or pigmented inks, which in turn can then be contour cut on their current machine. However none of these products are of the Oracal quality which I suspect they desire. Occasionally I'll use ImageStix as a low cost alternative which when printed on a laser appears to seal well giving it a finished gloss appearance. However I do not want anyone to get the impression I'm claiming a compatable result as the example you suggest. Guess it all depends on what one wants and how much they're willing to pay for it.
  25. edge

    Slow and Bored Show your shop

    Geesch, for a minute there, I wasn't sure you had any windows. Everything I do is home based and the home base recently moved. You wanna see pics of all my still taped up boxes?