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    Testing Out My New Sharpie Holder!

    Is your "workspace" in Signblazer the same width as the measured roll you are actually cutting/drawing upon?
  2. I don't believe you'll find UPS (or any other parcel company for that matter) picking up packages at the USPS to be delivered. As example UPS offers a ground saver option which does use the USPS as the final link or leg in delivery and more often than not, adds another day to the transit time. The decision to use this is designated by the shipper at time of labeling and can be avoided if one is willing to pay the standard ground rate. While some marvel at the ability to track a package's path with pinpoint accuracy when compared to a decade ago, few actually stop to factor in the expen$e that feature has added to each package's transit co$t today. Technology has it's price. Speaking of, did I just hear today is the Interwebz's 25th B-day? With a hub routing concept as utilized by most small parcel carriers it may appear ludicrous for a parcel to be routed beyond it's destination and then back at first glance. But it is generally the most efficient means of transport when one considers the number of small parcels in a trailer and the fact they are all traveling together, yet to different ultimate destinations.
  3. edge

    QR logo for a company

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR QR READER MUST BE BETTER !!?? Oops, guess I got caught up in the moment.
  4. edge

    QR logo for a company

    I did and it didn't
  5. edge

    3d Printing

    I lurk/lurked on the Printrbot and SeeMeCNC forums earlier this winter salivating in fantasy; then it struck me that I have very little knowledge regarding paths, layer thickness, bridging, etc. These machines have a future for sure; guess I'll just hang in there waiting for the software to become somewhat less Geek and more user friendly. If that doesn't occur in a reasonable time, maybe I'll look at the secondary market for a good deal that someone else outgrew or became frustrated with.
  6. If they are fortunate enough to come away with 70% net as Jaybird alludes, they should thank their lucky stars when one factors in legal fees, appraisals, brokerage fees, and taxes. But then many who voted this current administration into office would have us believe even more of this new found wealth in these tin boxes should be commandeered to enable a satellite dish and new car through entitlement for every unit of public housing.
  7. Possible I suppose; however I read perhaps the most valuable coin among this find is dated 1866 with an S mint mark.
  8. I'm inclined to believe that version was designed to sell newspapers. CNN's update on this story has spokesperson for the Mint refuting rumor these coins came from the Walter Dimmik theft in the early 1900s. As the Mint theft coins are believed to carry 1901 date and these coins by and large are 1860s thru 1890s. In all probability these coins were stashed by one of the many miners to strike wealth during that era.
  9. edge

    winter vortex is back

    Is this one of those fans?
  10. edge

    winter vortex is back

    How many more weeks did that rodent claim we had to go? We're getting lake effect snow again today. Which leaves me wondering where there could be open water left on the big lake to pick up any moisture as cold as this winter has been?
  11. edge

    Did this to my beer fridge this weekend

    What'd ya mean vintage Miller Lite cans? Don't they look like that no more?
  12. edge

    Playing a little

    Your shirts look good.
  13. edge

    Just plain wrong

    Had a similar conversation at work last week. Suspect many of us would starve long before we had to worry about a heat source. Our upper tier counties were under a Winter Travel Warning last evening with St Joe being the only one I know of threatening to write citations with potential for a $2500 fine for any nonessential travel. Which seemed a tad extreme considering road conditions were improved Monday nite over Friday. News reports indicate one ticket was written for the driver of a truck caught breaking into a business. As sunny as it is today, couldn't help but see my shadow; am now most certain spring is just around the corner, isn't it?
  14. edge

    Just plain wrong

    I've printed your response for my son's entertainment when he gets home. While clearing the drive earlier I was telling him " Yep back in 78', ughhhhh.....we just took it one coal shovel scoop at a time...." He wanted to know why anyone would have a coal shovel. Which brought back memories of clinkers in the winter and cinders most certainly embeded in the knee when you skidded your bicycle on them in the driveway.
  15. edge

    Just plain wrong

    Oh heck, from what I've seen this upcoming week is a sure sign spring is just around the corner. Speaking of upcoming; where were you 36 years ago this upcoming weekend? Michiana had three feet in four days with -50 windchill, if I remember correctly. Or as my offspring enjoy saying in their best senior citizen voice while mocking me "Back In My Day..." I put this sign up in the driveway yesterday, just so the neighbors know to be careful when passing.
  16. edge

    Police Car

    I too have a slight nit to pick. The sirens were rarely placed on the fender as that exposed them to vandalism. Many Sheriff's Stars have scalloping around the edge.
  17. edge

    The wife needs some help with this

    Dogs are a lot like people in that character matters more to me than appearance. If forced, I'd rather choose from a litter while spending time with the puppies blindfolded than to have a choice made from a photograph.
  18. Was reading Anchorage was warmer than Michiana yesterday. With the Artic Blast expected to reach central Florida this afternoon, suspect I'll not be as envious as I may have been Monday. You hit it Dakota about the lack of snowfall the past couple of years. I was so confident it was more the norm than exception, that I mistaken left the snowblower with the ex last winter.
  19. On the NW side of Indy (Zionsville Rd & 86th) 18 X 24 Coroplast signs appear on a regular basis written with magic marker offering everything from mattress deals to PT employment paying $2000 mo and FT $4000. Those are what I consider to be 'true bandit' signs.
  20. It's a low tack clear tape which I'm pretty certain was purchased from US Cutter in 4" wide rolls a couple of years back. The closest thing I now see is DigiClear+ GXF 341 in 12" rolls. Am I outa luck on narrower rolls without going to Clear Choice?
  21. Picked up a used CraftRobo Pro(S) without supporting documentation. I miss the keyboard control that I had for jogging the head into position prior to reading on the CraftRobo CC200-20. The rapid speed for head movement on this cutter is too fast for me, is there control over that speed in the settings?
  22. edge

    Dry Transfer Decals

    Stumbled upon this concept elsewhere and while it is vulnerable to chemical delamination, still found it interesting enough to share. http://www.pulsarprofx.com/decalpro/Vertical/1_MENU/1c_How_It_Works/How_It_Works.html
  23. edge

    CE5000 vs CE6000

    Is that another way of saying it incorporates even more plastic in lue of metal than it's predecessor?
  24. Up until last week I had been sucessfully cutting via Windows utilizing a SignCut Pro Keyspan. Then for some unknown reason the program started behaving as though it were corrupted. Installation of the most recent version of SignCut Pro resolved my issue. While there are differences between our software approaches; have you tried to install the newest version of SignCut?