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    Opinion On Best Selling Indoor Vinyl Colors

    In addition to the usual basic colors, I would think in your case any color that could be associated with Da Bears, Fighting Irish, Wolverines, or Spartans would also be popular......
  2. edge

    Howdy All!!!! painting over vinyl question....

    When painting the vinyl, is it done prior to application and are there any worries of some paint lifting from application tape removal?
  3. edge

    looking for advice

    Well the GraphTec will cut finer, cleaner detail. But, if you are sure your current cutter would cut every graphic as well as the other guy using a GraphTec in your example, it sounds like you're not cutting that great of detail; so maybe you don't need a better cutter.
  4. If you really want to know, I'll teach ya how to post to the interwebz while interwebz service in a building is down for a quarter. Come a little closer so I can whisper it. ONE WAY WOULD BE TO USE A LAPTOP WITH MOBILE HOTSPOT. Oh heck...keep the quarter, I feel like I was taking advantage of ya as eazy as that answer was.
  5. edge

    Truck Project

    Oh geez, now I feel like I've gone to the dark side. With all this truck talk here, my restraint gave way... I came home with a Tacoma 4X4 Access Cab on Friday. When did they start making small trucks so big?
  6. Will you be making a video for those of us that struggle with written instructions?
  7. edge

    Truck Project

    Looks like it's all coming together pretty quick. White valve covers?
  8. edge

    Truck Project

    I started to get jealous with all that talk of V8 powered Rangers, then I remembered my DOHC 2.3 Ranger is averaging 25 mpg mixed driving. It's my work go to truck and I'm never in that big of a hurry to get to there anyways. Six bundles of firewood from Speedway carried all the way to the rear of the bed supplemented with packed snow from the driveway solved any winter traction issues for me last season.
  9. Heck of a note you had to go thru additional financial burden (student loan) to learn how to become debt free.
  10. ....Dude, I'll cut anything you like for your birthday and this was what he came up with. I'm like Dude, really and then he xplained to me it was a play on both King ranch and the old pony found on some Fords back in his day. Even I'll admit this cut so much cleaner on the CE5000 when compared to the CP2400.
  11. edge

    New here with a question

    In the example if white is the third color, you would need to create an outline for the white to establish an overall silhouette, then you would have a choice of cutting the black and orange/red and laying one color over the other where they overlap or trimming one color at their junction to produce a three color graphic with two layers of vinyl. It all depends on what you believe appears more appealing. As stated by others if this is to be a decal sized product the design will prove frustrating if cut due to the narrow lines and would probably be better printed on white and then having the overall silhouette contour cut. Then again, if this is 2' X 6' on a banner, that's another story.
  12. Judging from the pics, you appear to have some technical knowledge or possibly a sense of adventure. You could always trim the cable end and restrip the contact points if you believe that's the problem.
  13. edge

    Who wants to go in on a printer.

    Crowdfunding's the way to go, I tell ya.
  14. edge

    Sign Theft... out of my yard

    You must do good work to have a sign so eagerly coveted.
  15. If you're going to Potato Creek dakota, you've got a new exit to look for. Just wanna be sure you're not so busy saving 30 seconds on the drive time down; to miss it. I was just thinking how funny it is that you come down here to get away; and if we camped, we'd be up there at Sand Lk in Nottawa this weekend to take in the Centerville Fair.
  16. edge

    Indoor Pool?

    Our ice maker floods the freezer all the time, but I think it's cause the kids are careless with it.
  17. edge

    What's the deal with 14" plotter?

    If you mean CraftRobo or Sillouette when stating Graphtec mini, I would imagine a factor would be an initial lower price and desire to contour cut printed graphics from nothing larger than 8.5 X 11 sheets. Not everyone cuts for an income, nor does everyone desire a wide format printer. I'd further venture a guess that those who choose/chose to cut rolled vinyl on a craft size cutter are also not high volume and don't find it that inconvenient to split a 15" roll for their use. I've supplemented my 24" Copam that's never seen a roll larger than 15" with a CraftRobo CC200 for years to do smaller contour cuts. Recently acquired a CE5000-40 that I'm pleased with.......however thus far in the learning process, find it more difficult to contour cut 8.5 X 11' sheets than on the smaller CraftRobo.
  18. Has anyone else found it necessary to clean and lube the two down force guide pins and associated bearings in a CE5000 series cutter? What did you use?
  19. edge

    been a little scarce

    Tony Stewart has/had been scheduled to make his annual appearance in Lakeville for Hoosier Tire today. Imagine he'll be long gone by the time you get there. I've been to Potato Creek twice in my lifetime and that was more than enough to satisfy. Figure you must either have horses or return to meet other people?
  20. When the head is not energized, the spring tension causes it to rest against a synthetic pad. No idea why, but it appeared as though the pad on my cutter had developed a tac, which required the coil to energize multiple times prior to releasing. So the first several cut lines of any project never produced. A good cleaning appears to have resolved that problem. Thx for your feedback, as it got me to thinking lack of lubrication probably was not the problem. It may very well be the previous owner used a fine machine oil to lube this area and that it turn caused the tac to develop on the synthetic piece. I'm only guessing at this point.
  21. edge

    been a little scarce

    You're not gonna spray the bed?
  22. edge

    Decals on a Lease

    Or.... as another option you could tell your client to come back in six months and you'll reposition new vinyl on his company lease vehicle with a repeat discount agreeable to both of you. In all likelihood if he encounters enough shopping carts and automatic car washes in the interim, he'll view this as a favor on your part and you'll be generating future business, creating a WIN WIN for both of you.
  23. While not a direct answer to your question, I'm wondering if an aspect of the design prevents you from setting the cut path as white or light shade of gray as a temp work around?
  24. edge

    They broke into our shop...

    Have you considered making your large plate glass window less? When we suffered a series of B&E at a previous occupation, the window company divided the window openings with frame stiffeners and subbed lexan for the vulnerable panels. I can tell you from experience it was much more gratifying to come to work in the morning and find an unsuccessful broken concrete block laying on the sidewalk than to come in during the middle of the night to board up a shattered opening.
  25. edge

    Whats your music are you stuck on listening to?

    Having burnt out on music from the seventies and album oriented rock radio, I've recently made a transition to small college "GLOBE" radio and "World Café". More often than not they play new indie along with tracks from Elvis Costello, The Clash, etc... that ain't too bad. It almost gives me new hope for our youth after suffer'n those pizz'd at the world headbang'n Korn years........