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  1. bugzmaxx

    what font is this?

  2. bugzmaxx

    what font is this?

    i lost all of my cut files history due to a computer hard drive crash. does anyone know what the name of this font is???
  3. bugzmaxx

    help with this font

    thank you for your help.
  4. bugzmaxx

    help with this font

    it was a font that i found on Dafont? cant find americana font anywhere.....
  5. bugzmaxx

    help with this font

    having trouble finding out what font we used to make this decal? any ideas. thanks
  6. bugzmaxx

    how to vector this.

    how would i do the outline in white?
  7. bugzmaxx

    how to vector this.

    trying to change this into a EPS file to cut. cant figure out how to make this image so that the letter C goes under the top of the I and over the bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. bugzmaxx

    Security system window decals

    put a sticker on the window that has a gun pointed at them with the saying do you value your life as much as i value my car. lets find out.....
  9. bugzmaxx


    when i try to trace bitmap, the window that shows the trace is blank?but if i click OK it does the trace. just weird, never had that happen before. any ideas?
  10. bugzmaxx

    car window ?

    i would normally use the pen attachment and plot it out on paper several times until i get the curve right then put it to vinyl when the customer likes it.
  11. it is 4' by 8' 1/2 inch lexan? is there a cheaper place in new york to get this? I live in Albany
  12. They don't have that kind of money. Priced the lexan in new York and it's about 330. They want there name up there soon. Will it stick?I have to square off the paint job
  13. i have been asked to redo a sign on top of a diner. the old name has been spray painted over. i believe it is a lexan panel, 4 foot by 8 foot. will vinyl stick to the painted area? also how much should i charge for this. the graphic is 18" by 78" single color oracal 650 white.
  14. bugzmaxx

    18"x36" graphic

    thats great. thanks...... nothing in life is free anymore. soon we will be paying for the air we breath.......lol
  15. bugzmaxx

    18"x36" graphic

    Still have to pay for design time and materials. It's for their business. What would that cost normally