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  1. I'd like to purchase an extra blade holder for my PCUT, I can't find them on the USCutter website...anyone know where I can by one?
  2. Nikklepikkle

    can somone turn this into a SBD file for me please

    You forgot the attachment
  3. Nikklepikkle

    My First Banner - need help pricing.

    Thanks for the great advice John! I'll add a wee bit more to the top...because everything is more expensive in Canada... and go from there. Actually I'm pretty lucky, I live right on the border so I just ship my product to the states and pick it up there... I get to avoid paying the brokerage fees and additional shipping... it really makes it worth my while ... I'd pay nearly double for supplies if I was buying from a Canadian supplier ... to be honest I just don't get why there is such a pricing difference! And with the dollar the way it is right now, it's even that much more of a bonus for me!
  4. Nikklepikkle

    My First Banner - need help pricing.

    I did price it before ... it's for a co-worker so I gave him a bit of a break off of what I would have charged. I just wanted to make sure what I would have charged would be in line with what I should be charging ... if/when others ask about it =)
  5. Nikklepikkle

    My First Banner - need help pricing.

    Thanks Rox! Perfect, sounds like I'm in the right range for price! I don't mind doing the odd job like this... My "niche" is large wall art ... so this was a piece of cake!
  6. Nikklepikkle

    My First Banner - need help pricing.

    I don't have a printer, one can only dream... =( Just me and my PCUT ... Yep I designed it ... of course none of the company logo's were readily available in vector format so I had to make those as well.
  7. I did my first 3'x8' banner today for a soccer team...since it's my first I'm really not sure how to price it ... need your input please Thanks a million!!
  8. Nikklepikkle

    how to make the outline bolder?

    Never mind... I guess I should be mindfull of what subject I'm in... I can do it for you in Corel ... if you want to send me your eps.
  9. Nikklepikkle

    how to make the outline bolder?

    I know how to accomplish what you want using Corel Draw. Which software are you using?
  10. Nikklepikkle

    Breast Cancer Fundraiser Decals

    This year I am walking 60 km in two days for the Weekend to End Women's Cancer in Toronto. Here's what I've come up with to help me raise my minimum commitment of $2000!! I'm hoping these will motivate people to donate! The last one is for my hubby ... he spends 90% of the summer at the ball field =)
  11. Nikklepikkle

    Glass Etching/Sandblasting Job - anyone interested?

    Didn't know there was one?
  12. Nikklepikkle

    Cutting really small letters on P-Cut

    A better blade holder sounds very interesting. I've never liked the blade holder on my pcut. Where can you purchase differnt blade holders that will fit our machines?
  13. Hey guys, I have a custom logo I'd like etched on some beer glasses ... I just about fell off my chair when the local company here wanted $150 set up fee to prepare the artwork, when I gave it to them in a vector file ready to go.... I'd like to do 4, or 8 if the price is right... anyone interested in this job? I'd like to have them shipped out by next week if at all possible... Thought I'd put it out here to see if anyone's interested. Message me if you are. The logo is attached. Ken's Glasses.eps Ken's Glasses.eps
  14. Nikklepikkle

    Wall Art - just me and my PCut =)

    Just regular transfer tape like any other decal. In order to line up the seams easily I make sure to trim the seam side right to the edge of the artwork. Once you do one and get it figured out, it's fairly easy after that.
  15. Nikklepikkle

    Wall Art - just me and my PCut =)

    Hi Kimmy, I only have a 24 inch PCUT so anything larger has to be done in "tiles" by overlapping the seams about 1/8th to a 1/4 of an inch .... anything more than one colour like the tree has to be put up one piece at a time ... it can be time consuming but I think the end product is well worth it. Thanks for your interest =)